Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thursday/Friday TV Report

Just some quick thoughts on Thursday's TV shows just so I can talk about the epic episodes that aired on Friday.

Big Bang Theory - Really love the episodes this season that take advantage of its big cast and this episode was no different. Stuart, Kripke, and Penny's ex hanging out with Sheldon was comedy gold as well as anything Penny/Amy being "besties."

Community - Lots of negative reviews in the blogosphere over this episode, but I found it just fine. Yes, Britta is wasted yet again and that's a shame, but the Abed/FBI agent plotline was great and I'm forever amused by "Pop Pop!" I know, sometimes I'm like 5.

Parks & Recreation - Another wonderful episode from this cast that I can barely fit what I loved in just a few words. Ann not knowing she got dumped, Ron's reaction to the steak house closing/grilled mushrooms, and finally Ben making friends. Ben is just too adorable. TOO ADORABLE.

- This... this was a stupendous episode. Seeing the Fringe gang way back when filled in a lot of holes and raised so many questions about the relationships and the motivations of so many characters in the present. The actors playing young Olive and young Peter were exquisite especially being asked to play scenes that required them to really dig deep into the character. Olivia's fear over her father, her tearful scene with Walternate, Peter's scenes with his not!parents especially his not!mom, and of course that brilliant scene between Peter and Olivia in the field of white tulips. There's probably going to be a little bit of retconning later on, but I'm okay. This show just keeps delving deeper and deeper into the mythology and I've been enjoying it more and more.

Supernatural - When I heard they were going to do an episode when they get stuck in a reality where they are actors named Jared and Jensen working on their show interacting with Misha, Genevieve, and the crew, well, I thought it was going to be so damn hokey. It was, but it was also very, very awesome and epic. Oh sure it was all great fun for all of the actors involved, but what I loved about this hilariously meta episode was that it made SENSE in the context of the overarching plot! It was a nice twist to find out that Balthazar and Castiel essentially used the brothers as decoys. My one complaint about this episode is my one complaint about this season: WHY AREN'T WE SEEING THIS EPIC CIVIL WAR IN HEAVEN? I mean I know the practical reasons like budgets and the need to focus on the two brothers, but UGH need heaven war, need angels, need Castiel. Make it happen, show.

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