Monday, March 21, 2011

March TV Report

Today is the first full day of spring and it also means that the networks are finally getting over their post-February sweeps funk to bring us a slew of new episodes of our favorite shows this week. Oddly enough, Glee is taking about a month break now to recharge its batteries after a good Regionals-centric episode. More on that later.

So in an effort to catch-up on the past few weeks of TV, just wanted to share a few thoughts on a few shows I've been watching since the beginning of March. Well, other than Downton Abbey and Being Human since I briefly talked about them on an earlier post.

- This charming show on ABC Family had its last episode a few weeks ago and it will be missed. It wasn't groundbreaking or even high-caliber, but it was consistently enjoyable with wonderful characters. The demolition of the KT House was an unusually emotional moment, but how everything wrapped up for all of the main cast was more than satisfactory. Still think they could've done a better finish for the Evan character, but sadly he just wasn't that important in relation to Cappie/Casey and even Rusty. Though again kudos to the cast of that Ocean 11-esque sequence. Brilliant!

GLEE - While others took a brief break, this show rolled on giving us huge momentum on not one, but two of its LGBT storylines. Yes, we finally got the much anticipated big moment/kiss between Blaine & Kurt and it was all sunshine and rainbows. But the really affective storyline was shouldered by Naya Rivera whose realization of her feelings for Brittany was both heartbreaking and sincere. A few other stuff happened such as Paltrow's second appearance and a few original song debuts (and a good chunk of them didn't suck!), but it was all about the queers and their storylines for me.

V - Its season (series?) finale pretty much confirmed my suspicions that if this show had been structured as a miniseries, it would've been glorious, because the finale really was spectacular from start to finish. Unfortunately it's a case of probably too little too late, but I've enjoyed the ride. Plus if it does end with the bad guys winning, well I'm okay with that, too. I praise Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin whenever I can, but really Laura Vandervoort's Lisa was my favorite character of this season and if the show does get renewed, I no doubt she'll continue to shine.

THE GOOD WIFE - There haven't been any new episode since the first of March, but since I didn't blog about that episode, I'll just say, this is still one of the BEST shows on TV on air right now. Every episode confirms this, but the most recent episode was chock full of moments including Bond's ouster from the firm, Glenn Childs withdrawing from the race, and a dubious case about working with China.

BIG BANG THEORY - Just the one new episode since I last blogged and it was about Priya being concerned about Leonard's friendship with Penny. It's a well-known plot device on sitcoms and while it wasn't executed as well as others, it actually made me invested a bit on Penny/Leonard. The B-plot line (or is this was the main one?) was Howard frustrating Sheldon over a magic trick, which was fine, though the twist in the end wasn't that mind-blowing.

COMMUNITY - NBC's comedy line-up just came back last week and this show brought Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse) to play an Eastern European soldier hellbent on genocide. The joke walks the fine line of black comedy and offensive, but it was great seeing Enver back on TV as well as seeing Britta interact with Troy-Abed. Her "Hit me with a genie bottle all over me" line had me on the floor laughing as did her reaction to being caught on camera. Though I admit I closed my ears when she almost spoiled Catfish for me. No comment on the Chan-Sherry baby storyline.

PARKS & RECREATION - Its most recent episode featuring the Harvest Festival has got to be one of my favorite episodes ever. Not just of this show, but of all shows of all time. That's how incredible it was. Every character got their due, the chemistry/scenes with the cast was off the charts, and it was just a big episode for a bunch of reasons. Leslie finally gets her big project to suceed, her relationship with Ben and his defeatist attitude were resolved, LIL FUCKING SEBASTIAN making even Ron and April act giddy, the curse, Joan Callamezzo, that last overhead shot, I can go on and on and on...

FRINGE - Best show on air right now? If not, it's right up there and it's in no small part thanks to the wonderfully gifted Anna Torv who is now playing an old man. That last part got you confused? THEN WATCH THE SHOW OMG PLEASE. But seriously the whole concept of soul magnets and William Bell inhabiting Olivia was pitch perfect as was Torv's performance as Bell. His interactions with Astrid and Walter were comedic highlights just as gutwrenching his scene was with Peter when for a moment Olivia came through. Not to mention that we meet Lee of this universe and he's just as great as his more outgoing counterpart in the other universe. This show is just on fire right now, I'm afraid I'm going to burn.

SUPERNATURAL - Finally, not much to say about this show. Its last new episode brought us a few familiar faces, but since they all died in the end it actually felt a bit anti-climactic. The whole "mother of all things" storyline so far hasn't captured the excitement like past arcs, but I'm increasingly in the opinion that this season of Supernatural just hasn't been that good.

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