Thursday, December 30, 2010

What About the New Shows?

Well, what about them?

So yesterday, when I posted my list of favorite shows from 2010, there were barely any new TV shows on it. Oh sure, things like The Walking Dead and Sherlock made it in, but I'm talking about shows from the big networks* (CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX). Suffice it to say there have already been too many articles bemoaning the sad state of the fall line-up** this year. So since I didn't get a chance to talk about those shows, here's a post dedicated to them.

*Just realized that V premiered in the spring of 2010. So fine, that's one exception. Read on for the rest.

**I say "fall line-up" because that's what all the articles focused on, but I'm also going to include shows that premiered mid-season in the spring or in the dead of summer.

The Event - Still watching this and it's actually morphed into this weird guilty pleasure. The thing is, I'm not really invested in a lot of the characters which hurts a show like this. It's always being compared to LOST, but from the get-go that other show caught me with its characters, and not just its super duper concept, hook, line, and sinker.

The Gates - I was hoping for some campy fun about a gated neigborhood full of supernatural being living a Desperate Housewives kind of life. Despite the eye candy, the first episode was immensely dull and the second didn't spark at all.

Happy Town - Really wanted to like this because Amy Acker was on it, but ultimately it left much to be desired and I don't even think I finished watching the first episode.

Hawaii Five-0 - This is 1 of only 3 new fall shows I'm still currently watching (The Event and Raising Hope are the others) and I'm hoping for it to succeed because I really like the cast and the stories are good enough. I'm just so bad at keeping up with it!

Lone Star - I personally loved the two episodes that aired, but unfortunately no one else found a con man living two lives interesting. Guess people nowadays need to head over to cable for something like this. Too bad.

My Generation - This shouldn't even be here since I didn't even check out a minute of this show, but for me as much as I wanted to see it, it was put in a KILLER time slot. Fortunately, I heard it was as godawful as I expected so I didn't feel too bad.

No Ordinary Family - Have no idea where this show went wrong. I watched the first four episodes and just felt absolutely nothing. I didn't even hate it, I just felt blank when I thought about the show. Apparently it has gotten better, but I've missed so many episodes already.

Persons Unknown - NBC advertised this summer mystery series as a 13-episode miniseries which will be all wrapped up in the end. Unfortunately, I only lasted two episodes before I realized, I didn't care about knowing what happened.

Raising Hope - Okay, this show probably should've been in my Top 30 list somewhere. It's actually damn funny even with a few weak episodes (especially the first two) and the unfocused used of the Maw Maw character. Still, charming enough. And hope is the best TV baby since Lily last season.

Running Wilde - It's a half hour show and yet I couldn't even finish its first episode. That's how painful it was. The cast deserves better.

Undercovers - The two leads were incredibly pretty as were everything else. And yet, maybe that was the problem. There was never a sense of urgency or danger when it came to this show and I guess it'd be okay if it was a lightweight summer show on USA or something, but you sort of expect more from the team that brought you ALIAS, you know?

The Whole Truth - I saw this because I had nothing else to watch at that timeslot and it pleasantly surprised me. Loved the chemistry between the two leads and the cases were interesting enough. Unfortunately, it got canceled and that's all she wrote.

And that's that. Here's hoping the next year will bring a better crop of TV shows not as if I needed any more shows to get into.


  1. I thought you were one of the people who argued with me when I said No Ordinary Family was pointless. Hmm.

  2. I think I was, but I think we had this "argument" BEFORE the show actually aired. I think our convo consisted of me questioning your decision to not give the show a chance because of your aversion to the genre (and Benz's acting skills).

    With that said, I *did* give the show a chance and it was a disappointment. So... yeah. Pie on my face.


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