Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lone Star Gets Axed

One of my most anticipated new shows this season became the very first show to get the ax. After only two episodes, FOX has decided to cancel the critically-acclaimed but low-rated show Lone Star effectively immediately.

Am I shocked? Yes and no. I was shocked in so far as I thought that all of the critical love and pre-season buzz it received would've translated to more eyeballs checking it out, but when the first ratings numbers were published after its pilot, the writing was already on the wall. So when the network gave the show another chance this week, it was more or less seen as a Hail Mary pass which never connected as the ratings just fell some more.

Was it a quality show? Most definitely, but many critics kept saying how much the show felt like a cable show that would've probably fit better on FX or AMC and unfortunately the ratings it got were on par with those networks usual ratings and not the ratings expected for a highly-marketed show with a strong lead-in (House).

And so, goodbye Lone Star. Another Texas-sized blunder. Oh well.

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  1. Sorry, Ryan :( It's always sad when a show gets cut before it even gets much of a chance. But at least you have 18 billion other shows to keep you occupied!


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