Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Movie Rush, Sort Of

It was a snow day today in New York as everyone tries to recover from the blizzard that hammered the area for most of the day yesterday and overnight. Suffice it to say, this weather event is cramping my usual year-end-holiday-movie-rush that I seem to do every year.

I saw The Fighter this past Friday before the storm hit, so I got that out of the way. I ended up quite liking it more than I thought I would! Had plans to see Somewhere and Tangled with some people sometime early this week, but the storm put those plans in limbo. I had vague plans to see Tron: Legacy sometime at the end of the month, but nothing is happening on that front and it's pretty much the end of the month already. I'm also curious about and thus might check out True Grit since it's playing near me. Oh, and there's also The Tempest, which a few of my friends want to see. I do, too, since it looks great even though the reviews for it dub it a hot mess. Oh well.

Then, of course, there's Blue Valentine which apparently comes out this Wednesday except I can't seem to find a theater who is playing it. Even if I don't see it this Wednesday, I'm really hoping I get to see it before I start work again next week.

Finally, I'm using my Netflix to catch up on a few films I missed out during the year. Just saw Robin Hood which wasn't as bad as I expected. Though maybe it was partly because I saw it at home and had a chance to pause if I felt it was getting a bit too long (and it did at parts) as well as having the opportunity to see the director's cut. I also checked out the fantastic documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop about street art/artists featuring Banksy. Very entertaining!

How about you? Are you spending the holidays/blizzard/vacation/whatever to catch up on films? If so, what have you seen or planning to watch? I'm always looking for recommendations!


  1. I'm interested to see what you'll think of Tangled, on a whim I'd say don't bother to see it but a number of my internet buddies liked/loved it....but ugh, well - you'll see when I review it.

    (Was planning on seeing Somewhere, but changed my mind...maybe I will, but then - maybe I won't. Doesn't seem like a priority.)

  2. I think I might like it. I have a friend who saw it a few weeks ago and she LOVED it and we tend to have the same likes/dislikes. Plus you weren't so enthused with Black Swan, which I also really liked. ;-)

    I totally get the whole ambivalence when it comes to Somewhere. Maybe it was the trailer, which by itself was nice, but didn't really scream WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW. Though I heard the trailer is actually a bit misleading, which is interesting.

  3. I finally read your newer posts and I'm just going to reiterate: SEE TANGLED! haha. It's just a really fun, sweet movie without being too cheesy (with the exception of one or two things which we can discuss after you see it).


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