Monday, December 6, 2010

TV Report: Quick Catch-Up

Haven't talked about TV for a few days which puts me severely behind. So just a few very quick thoughts.

Community - Loved this episode. Wished it lasted an hour. Couldn't even tell you my favorite part, but kudos to Alison Brie and Don Glover especially. Oh and Abed ignoring the gay flirtation to talk about a sci-fi show is basically MY LIFE.

30 Rock - I shouldn't have liked the episode, but for some reason I did. Usually hate Kenneth, but his pig-daddy story was oddly hilarious, and Alec Baldwin saved the mess that could've been Tracy's storyline.

Grey's Anatomy - Kind of wish Christina would just get over it already. But she cried so that's a step! No comment on Lexie/Mark, but Arizona is back! Yay! Callie why did you close the door on her? ARGH! You are usually amazing, but not at that moment!

Fringe - Great episode! The Olivia's are back to the universes they belong in. The only thing it cost was Alt-Broyles' life (RIP) and a lot of angst from the Bishop men. Walter gets kudos for coining the term VAGENDA and Peter... oh Peter, next week is going to be brutal for him.

Supernatural - Castiel was on-form and awesome. Let me list the ways: bones on fire, pizza guy, angel boner, and demon make-out session. Perfect. RIP to Crowley, but glad they're moving the plot forward. But what to make of Sam's soul being Lucifer's chew toy? Intriguing!

Brothers & Sisters - Appreciate the appearance of Ryan Devlin. He's everywhere on ABC! Kevin on drugs was a bit slapstick-y and the whole episode itself wasn't that great to begin with. Oh well.

Amazing Race - Final three was decided last week with Nick/Vicki majorly screwed up. If they caught the same flight out, MAYBE they could've caught up, but doubtful. Two of the three final teams are all-female teams. I will be rooting for one of them to win!

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