Monday, December 13, 2010

TV Report: 12/6 - 12/12

Busy, busy week meant not a lot of time to talk about TV. So before a whole new week of TV begins, here's what I thought about some of last week's offerings:

How I Met Your Mother - Did not like this episode at all. Future Ted's messed up story was played out before we got the cool payoff. Ted's travails with Zoe's husband was dull. And finally the whole Robin/Marshall plotline makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Castle - Nothing special about the episode unless they actually use the new pub Castle buys as a new hangout. Plus as much as I love this show/cast, the singing in the end that was supposed to be cute, felt a little forced to me.

Glee - Enjoyed it more than I thought, but maybe it's because I really needed to get into a Christmas spirit. The show itself is still severely uneven, but with Blaine/Kurt, Artie's magical legs, and Beiste being amazing, I'll keep my negatives for another post.

Modern Family - Maybe I had a bad week, because I didn't click with this episode. A few parts were funny, but it all never came together for me. Definitely a low episode for me this season.

Cougar Town - I knew they were going to do Travis/Laurie sometime this season and this episode laid the groundwork. Loved the Grayson/Ellie secret-off. Also loved more introspective character stuff for Bobby.

Big Bang Theory - The boys storyline (superhero/sidekick) was lame. Loving Amy especially in her interactions with Sheldon and Penny. Her horniness was funnier than I expected.

Community - Stop-motion animation for the win. I can write forever about how amazing I thought this episode was, but I won't. But seriously, Abed going to this winter fantasy to deal with his mom was just the sort of emotional center this episode needed and the whole cast did superb in this new medium. More!

30 Rock - Is it bad that the ONLY thing I remember about this episode was the hilarious couples costume worn by Paul and Jenna aka the Black Swan(n)s? I seriously LOL'd like I haven't in forever for this show.

The Office - Don't watch this show regularly, but I try to catch their holiday episodes and this one was very good. Holly is back, but I love that her reunion with Michael was the opposite of smooth. The Jim/Dwight stuff was pretty epic. And it was just a good, melancholy, breezy episode.

Fringe - The performances from Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson (but mostly Torv) broke my heart. This show... I can't even say how good it has gotten. And now we have a few weeks before it returns on a new night. Sigh, at least the Observer is back! Woo!

Supernatural - Glad to have Death back, but I'm admittedly tired of this whole storyline already. Guess I SHOULD be happy that for now Sam's soul is back, but they need to get me more interested in the plot.

Amazing Race - Finally an all-female team wins! And I'm so happy it's Nat/Kat who I championed from the very beginning. Also happy that Brooke/Claire came in second. Probably my second favorite team, so a fitting end. Finally, it was hilarious how screwed up Jill/Thomas got. All they needed was the internet! Still unsuspenseful finale, but OH SO VERY satisfying.

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