Thursday, December 2, 2010

TV Report: Fringe, Chuck, Glee, Dexter, & Misfits

Just a couple of TV related things in my head at the moment. It includes me being excited about Fringe tonight, my thoughts on this week's episode of Glee and Chuck, my plea to the TV gods about Dexter, and my new TV obsession (Misfits).

Everyone Watch Fringe Tonight!

Every TV critic and non-critic alike who have somehow already seen tonight's episode of Fringe is freaking out about it saying how amazing it is. My level of excitement is already at an all-time high, but they better damn deliver. Not that I don't think they will since I have LOVED what they have done so far this season. But this upcoming episode seems to be the climactic resolution to the big arc started late last season, so it should be good. Apparently, it's also a good episode to jump into if you've never seen the show before, which frankly is making me freak out a bit. What does THAT mean? But if you're so inclined, it airs on FOX at the super competitive 9pm hour.

Chuck Vs. What Should They Do Now?

Just a quick note on the fall finale of Chuck. First the positives. I loved Tim Dalton and Linda Hamilton and can't wait to see them back in any capacity the show finds for them in the future. Dalton in particular flexing his comedic muscle once again (that charade scene) is probably the best thing about Chuck this season other than Morgan's character growth. With that said, I'm so over the Buy More shenanigans. Actually, I've been over them two seasons ago, so probably won't go anywhere anytime soon. Plus I found the whole "Chuck doesn't have the Intersect" storyline undeveloped, or at least a bit lacking. What did we learn from these 2-3 episodes? That he couldn't really be a spy without it because his girlfriend and everyone else had to rescue him. Yay? Plus was it just me or was the whole laptop deal a bit of a convoluted mess of a plot point?

Don't Kill Off Every Guest Star on Dexter

I haven't been talking about Dexter here, but I have been watching all season and I have been loving it. Granted the first few episodes started out slow and I'm actually hating anything that has to do with Quinn, Lindy, and LaGuerta which pretty much comprise of the B-storyline in every episode. And yet even with all of that crap, I am loving Lumen and Dexter together so much that I'm this close to declaring it my favorite season. Add in the insane Jordan Chase into the mix, and the past 2-3 episodes have just been amazing. Granted Johnny Lee Miller probably won't make it past this season, but I plead to the TV gods, DO NOT KILL LUMEN. I love Julia Stiles too much to see her go! I mean Dexter getting close to somebody and them getting killed? THAT WAS SO LAST SEASON (and the season before that and the season before that...)!

Are the Dog Days Really Over for Glee?

Not really sure what I thought about Glee's sectionals episode this year. Maybe after the Christmas episode/fall finale next week, I'll be able to take better stock on my feelings about this show. For now I want to say, that there was something missing from this episode. A certain magic, if you will, with the group. I get that the plot point was all of them being in discord with each other, but if it had cost them the win, it would make some sort of narrative sense. Instead they tied with the Warblers and even that reveal was a bit anticlimactic as even the show itself didn't dwell on the results at all. Huge props though for finally, finally putting Rachel and Kurt together as they should be, catty BFFs. They're both usually so insufferable as to be unwatchable, but together they are perfect. Rachel telling Kurt to smile from the audience is probably my favorite Rachel moment in the show's history. And speaking of favorite moments, Blaine subtly guiding Kurt on not to use hand movement during his Evita audition is one of those moments that's blink if you miss, but adds so much to the show. I'm starting to get slightly uncomfortable with how dumb the show is making Brittany to be, but her moments with Artie were still damn sweet. Then her dance moves with Mike Chang? HEAVENLY. Shuester annoyed me in the episode, but what else is new, right?

Finding Out about Misfits

I've already told you guys I have a tumblr right? Well, the people I follow there keep posting about this Brit show Misfits so I finally suck it up and COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP with it on Sunday. Not too difficult since they've only aired nine episodes. Anyway, it's kind of awesome. If you know both shows, then it's pretty much Skins meets Heroes. Quick synopsis: A group of juvenile delinquents forced together to do community service get hit by magical lightning and they now have superpowers. The cast is wonderful though I'm totally obsessing on one particular character, Simon played by Iwan Rheon. But pretty much in less than a week I went from not knowing anything about this show to feeling withdrawal symptoms about not having a new episode available RIGHT NOW. Oh the life of a TV addict.


  1. That moment with Blaine and the hand is easily one of my favourite things of the episode.

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