Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday/Wednesday TV Report

Most of the shows brought out their best (or tried to) Halloween-inspired episodes. For the most part, they all succeeded.

Tuesday, 10/26

Glee - I kept my expectations in check for this special episode where the show pays homage to ultimate cult hit Rocky Horror Picture Show. First thing first, the cast did a phoenomenal job on the songs. Special kudos to Curt, Mercedes, Finn, and Emma. But man I never clicked with Will Shuester in the first season, but I just can't stand him now. Poor Morrison. He probably deserves better. I'm still not a HUGE fan of theme episodes, but this was definitely better than the earlier Britney fail of an episode. Plus lots of shirtless guys here. I approve.

Raising Hope - Don't know when it happened, but I suddenly love this show. It helped that the two episodes they aired this week were the best so far this season. Love the little touch of sentimentality with Burt wanting Jimmy to hug him. And too bad Hope's mom is dead, because her videos were HIGHlarious.

The Good Wife - Could this show get any better? I mean the episode was about four hours and took place in two locations and it was so riveting. Can't even really talk about it as it's leaving me speechless still. The pacing, the case, the characters... why aren't more people watching this show?

I usually watch No Ordinary Family live, but I had to see Glee's RHPS episode along with everyone else. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to watch the former show but I'm hoping it's better than the first few episodes.

Wednesday, 10/27

Modern Family - If you were to ask me to tell you my favorite line or moment or scene, I'd probably just tell you to watch the whole damn episode, because the show was firing on all cylinders. Mitchell hiding his Spidey suit? Funny. Gloria speaking "proper" English. Funny. Claire treating Halloween the same way Phil treats iPad's debut? Priceless.

Cougar Town - Good emotional episode for Jules (dealing with her father) and Bobby (dealing with being Stan's guardian). Love the costumes (Ellie and Laurie dressing as the other one with Travis playing an assist as Andy, Grayson as Prince, Bobby as Windy). Really happy to see the show finding its footing.

Undercovers - Sigh. More of the same and that's not good. Again, this show seems to be just doing things I've seen better executed elsewhere. The leads are great and I do hope they get snatched up quickly by another show when (not if) this show gets canceled.

The Whole Truth - Another solid episode. Too bad the show has been canceled. Not sure if I'll continue watching the rest of the produced episodes, but kudos to the cast who couldn't really have done anything differently.

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