Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday TV Report

There are only two shows I watch on Sundays, not including those on cable which I usually try to catch during the following week. First up is The Amazing Race, which always gets delayed this time of year because of football. I've gotten so used to it, it doesn't even faze me anymore. Just know I have to keep an eye out.

Anyways, after four legs, the races have already traveled to England, Ghana, and, in last night's episode, Sweden! My thoughts on each team in the order they came in:

1. Nat & Kat - After two disappointing finishes, they finally get back on top this week. I already declared them my favorite team and I hope they keep this up since I really do want to see the first all-female team to win.

2. Gary & Mallory - They BARELY escaped elimination in the second episode, but I'm glad they did, because this father/daughter duo is such a delight. Their fun spirit is infectious.

3. Brook & Claire - This team is also a very gleeful team. Totally supportive of one another and other than their penchant to get a kiss in every leg, they're great. They certainly recovered from the freak watermelon incident.

4. Michael & Kevin - They came in last place last week, but it was luckily a non-elimination. Using some quick thinking, they were able to jump ahead this leg of the race and keep their hopes alive. Love this father/son team also, but they won't win due to Michael's health problems.

These first four teams were smart enough to get an earlier flight this episode and I'm very happy since these are coincidentally my four favorite teams. It's also cool that they seem to have developed alliances with one another (Nat/Kat & Brook Claire for the all-girl alliance with Gary/Mallory & Michael/Kevin for the father/child alliance).

5. Jill & Thomas - They get lost. A lot. Like a lot. They are very lucky they got the Express Pass from the first episode which enabled them to bypass the Detour. Now that that's gone, they both really need to step up their games.

6. Nick & Vicki - They snipe at one another, but usually because collectively, they are dumb as rocks. Again, they're likable enough so I don't root against them, but how they are still here surprise me. Though both ROCKED at the sledding part.

7. Chad & Stephanie - While both are better managing the race, I still don't really like this team. For a second there, I thought they'd be eliminated but alas no.

8. Katie & Rachel - It's kind of hilarious how little this team registers with me. I know who they are, but I just don't pay attention to them.

9. Connor & Jonathan - Team Glee is no more. Didn't find them annoying per se, but still a bit relieved their gone and the Race is again song-free.

Then we have Brothers & Sisters. Even though I knew about it a couple weeks back, I still wanted to see how exactly they were going to write off Rebecca's character from the show. Holly's failing mental health afforded an appropriate way for Rebecca to go to New York and start a new life there as well as reconnecting with Justin and both realizing that while both still loved each other, it just isn't the same anymore. This latter part, I only half-buy since I still would've liked to have seen Justin fight a bit harder. Why couldn't he have gone to New York with her? As for the rest of the episode, it was fine. Best part was probably Saul's apprehension in telling his "friend" Charlie his HIV status and Ron Rifkin's masterful acting in the scene where Charlie pretty much rejects him. Beautiful and heartbreaking. In other "who cares" tidbit, Kitty stroked some wood while Sarah kissed then kicked ass on a bunch of Mean Mommies.

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  1. Oh, so Rebecca's gone now? Thank God. I haven't watched Brothers & Sisters but I just sort of hated her, and then she and Anable had about 0 chemistry. It was just really bland.


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