Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Random Movie/TV Thoughts

1. After seeing Never Let Me Go and The Social Network, I want to declare my love for Andrew Garfield. Add to that my earlier declaration of love for Emma Stone after seeing Easy A and suddenly I want to see the new Spider-Man film starring those two.

2. My most anticipated film of the year, Blue Valentine, was slapped with an apparently undeserved NC-17 rating by the MPAA. Those who have seen it says the rating is pretty darn ridiculous and while I won't have a problem seeing the film (being of age and living in a major metropolitan area), this whole thing is just so fucking awful.

3. Kind of sad to see Lone Star get canceled, but at least they took it away before I got too attached. Another new show I ended up really liking, The Whole Truth, will probably follow suit. In other news, this new season (for new shows) has sucked. A lot.

4. Fringe is really really awesome right now. I'm just loving the whole alt-universe storyline and how much we're actually spending our time in that world. Plus the actors pulling double duty, more especially Anna Torv as Olive/Fauxlivia, deserve tons of kudos.

5. Would it be too odd to say that the new trailer for Danny Boyle's 127 Hours starring James Franco made me teary a bit? Trying not to have too much high expectations, but then again Slumdog Millionaire was my favorite film of 2008.

6. I already knew how polarizing Glee as a show is from its first season, but it's been really something seeing people react so wildly differently to episodes this season. From declaring it pure brilliance to calling it a hot mess. Both are true though, sometimes in the same scene.

7. Summer Glau is appearing on Chuck opposite her Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin. The epic geekitude of it all is just too much for this Browncoat.

8. Slowly, but surely catching up on the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World graphic novels. I've read the first three, so I'm halfway done. I'm still saddened about its box office performance. People suck.

9. Totally can't believe there's only two episodes of Mad Men left. Love the crumbling of Don's walls while Peggy is building herself up little by little. Wonder what the cliffhanger will be.

10. So Julia Roberts will play Meryl Streep's daughter in a film version of August: Osage County. Apparently this means automatic Oscar nominations (and more likely wins) for both of them. Never saw the play so I don't know how appropriate this casting decision was, but I'm still very excited for it.


  1. Ha. The point on Glee amuses. Glee's kind of weird, but I guess it is a hot mess of brilliance. Ha. And I'm kind of annoyed with Meryl / Julia getting the roles. Ugh, love Julia don't care for Meryl but there are so many other actresses not getting these roles that would be awesome, but no one cares. Le Sigh.

  2. This post reminds me I haven't done a random musing post in a while, and lots of random movie/tv stuff have been swirling in my head :)

    As for #2, the MPAA seem to have a gross double standard when it comes to sex, 'cause there are way too many violent movies that should've been NC-17 but didn't.

    The supporting cast for CHUCK is off the chart this season... I think Summer Glau reuniting with Adam Baldwin is awesome. But the one that got me jumping up and down is Timothy Dalton joining the cast this November. YES!!!

  3. @Andrew - You're like only the third person I know who is not fond of Meryl Streep. I'm always shocked, but different strokes for different folks. I agree that Hollywood seems to think that Streep, Mirren, and Dench are the only actresses over 60 worth a damn.

    @rtm - Was suffering from writer's block, but I wanted to post something on 10/10/10 and hence this hastily-cobbled list. In any case, the MPAA is just frustrating. Guess if we took out the sex scenes in Blue Valentine and replaced them with torture it'd probably be rated R. As for Chuck I'm also stoked to see Timothy Dalton!


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