Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday/Tuesday TV Report

Just a few thoughts on the TV shows I saw on Monday and Tuesday.

How I Met Your Mother - To follow up with last week's great episode, this week saw the introduction of Zoey, a possible paramour for Ted played by House's Jennifer Morrison. They find each other bonded by their shared passion for architecture, more specifically for the hotel Arcadia which is also the hotel that Ted would bulldoze over to make room for a Mosby-designed GNB building. So while Ted thinks he might have found "The One" she finds out he's on the other side while he finds out she's married. Do I think she's the mother? No, but looking forward to seeing how this relationship (again she's married) develops. Insert obligatory joke here about smaller penis and how bigger is better to pay homage to the B-plot of the episode.

Chuck - I admit, I thought I wasn't going to like this episode, but what shocked me the most about this episode, and this season actually, is how much I'm loving Morgan and his evolution as a character. I wasn't really a big Grimes fan in the beginning, but when Chuck finally told him his big secret in the middle of last season, Grimes went from annoying best friend to kick-ass sidekick. Another inspired decision by the writers is to give Morgan and Casey lots and lots of scenes together. They just work. Of course there's this new wrinkle that he's dating his daughter, but in the end all it did was extend this unconventional family they've all developed into. Nice moment before Mommy Bartowski crashes the party next week.

The Event - I've already gone on record saying this show went from crap to great after a few episodes, but I still do have some issues with it. Most of it is from this "war" that's being fought between the rogue members of this alien race and our government which is probably just me tired of this similar plot line from other shows. I'm still a huge fan of "Sean rescuing Leila" story line and lots of things sure did happen on that front. Even with Sean and Leila reunited, there's still lots more to be told. Another character I want more of? Simon Lee. He's working as a double agent and I'm hoping we meet more people like him i.e. aliens pretending to work for the government. Overall, lots of promise and story to tell still.

Castle - Was wondering how much of Grey's Anatomy they were going to spoof and they didn't hold back... talking about doctors having sex with each other, labeling people McDreamy/McSteamy, and then naming one of the doctors Rhonda Chimes? Wonderful. With that said, thankfully that didn't really dominated the episode. Like most Castle episodes the case had twists, turns, and, to me, a shocking resolution. Can't really ask more from a "procedural show" than that except Castle also gives us fun characters. Oh and hello again, Mrs. Castle! One issue with the show though... Taylor Swift? Really? REALLY?

No Ordinary Family - I honestly want to head over heels fall in love with this show, but something, I'm not sure what, isn't really letting me. I think it's because all of the main characters are kind of isolated from one another and I suppose that is the point, but as a cast (hell as a family) I'm not really buying them. That plus I actually don't find Jim's vigilante act interesting. At all and sadly that has been a HUGE plot since the pilot. I'm intrigued most by the kids' journeys and I liked the "realism" that they're both handling this probably like normal hormonal crazy teenagers would, but I'd appreciate a tad less angst. I mean did we need JJ to lie to his parents about this and/or have such a comically villainous teacher? Finally, Julie Benz seems to be wasted a bit.

The Good Wife - The episode had so much good, I don't even know where to begin. Every single character had their moment from Alicia going toe to toe with the prosecutor then the judge then her co-counsel to Kalinda going batshit crazy all over Blake's rented car to Peter and Childs actually having a man-to-man talk to Diane gleefully telling the judge to back off running for state office to finally having that shock twist ending. And there were so many more I didn't even list. It was the type of episode where you seriously wonder how in the hell they managed to fit all of that in an hour show. Just magnificent.

Programming Note: FOX has decided to show encore episodes of Glee and Raising Hope, holding back their Halloween-themed episode until next week. I also haven't had the chance to catch Hawaii Five-0 yet.

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  1. Morgan is growing on me, too, I wasn't too keen on him in the beginning. Absolutely can't wait for Dalton's appearance!!!

    The Event is getting better & better! Can't believe Thomas is played by the same guy who lost one of his balls in Extract!! He's a darn good actor.


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