Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking Stock of Supernatural

I would've done a "Friday TV Report" but I only saw one thing, which was Supernatural. So it gets its own special post!

Now, there have been four episodes of Supernatural and series regular, I repeat, series regular Misha Collins has appeared in one episode. I know it's a silly thing and it's not like the show falls aparts without him or even particularly need him to churn out interesting stories, but I've gotten to that point with the show where I NEED MY CASTIEL FIX to fully enjoy the show.

With that said, I'm starting to warm up to this season after the general meh feeling that the first two episodes gave me. Castiel did appear in the third episode and we finally hear what's going up in heaven. Too bad that episode focused way too much on the gore and too little time giving us scenes with the angels (Castiel, Joshua, and Balthazar).

Now Castiel wasn't in last night's episode, but oddly enough the two other main characters (Sam and Dean) were also given little screentime. Instead we got a "in the life" sort of episode for Bobby, which I actually quite liked. It helped that a few old faces made reappearances, most enjoyably Mark Sheppard as Crowley. The episode enabled us to focus on a severely under-utilized major character as well as add a few extra layers to what's really going on this season aka monsters from other lands are finding themselves in the good ol' USA.

Speaking of that, what IS going on? I'm not sure I'm liking being kept in the dark with so many possible threads unspooling. We have the mysterious reason why Sam and their grandfather were both resurrected. We have the Campbell's unexplained agenda of capturing monsters. We have heaven (and hell) in utter chaos with both Lucifer and Michael (and God still) MIA. We have "weapons from heaven" loose in the world. And now we have all of these "foreign" monsters. I'm sure all of it is connected somehow and they'll stretch it out for as long as they can, but argh I want answers now.

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