Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday Night TV

There's a reason why Modern Family won all of those Emmy Awards a month ago and it's because this show is hilarious and still manages to balance all of its physical humor with just the right amount of heart. And this show has heart to spare. My favorite story-line last night revolved around the Dunphys and their struggle to let go of their old car. "Letting go" was the theme of the night, and it would be the saddest of days when we have to let this show go. Thankfully, that ain't happening any time soon. Cougar Town was the second half of that very funny hour and I certainly realized the I missed these crazy alcoholics. I get why they asked Jennifer Aniston to guest star (ratings!), but they didn't need her. Movie Mash-Up game will now be a staple between my friends and I. Modern Family - A-; Cougar Town - B+

How about the new shows of the night? Well... Undercovers met my expectations even though they weren't totally high. I mean hot people kicking ass in gorgeous exotic locales. Check, check, and check. I like the banter and the fact that this married couple is discovering stuff about one another as they've never worked together before as spies. Right now, it's Alias without all the Rambaldi and conspiracy stuff, which is good, but not really the most exciting thing, you know? Then there's The Whole Truth which I hadn't really planned on watching, but I did anyway. I truly expected it to suck, and it sucked all right, sucked me right in. The concept is simple enough. It's a court-room drama where we see the case from both the defense and prosecutor's side. I found the pilot very fascinating and most of that, I hope, had to do with breezy way Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney interacted with one another. So overall, very good. Undercovers - B; The Whole Truth - B+


  1. I really have to start catching up on Modern Family. I've seen a few episodes and really enjoyed them, I just need to finish Buffy, Angel, and then Charmed. Ack!

  2. @Anna - So that's going to take you forever. Heh. No matter. You can probably watching MF right away. It's not like there's really any stuff you need to know from S1 to watch S2.


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