Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday Night TV

Most of the shows that premiered last night took a "okay let's see where this is going approach save for one show which pretty much just picked up from where it left off last season as being just a fun kick-ass show.

That show was, drum-roll please, Castle. Just another wildly entertaining episode anchored by the fantastic chemistry of Nathan Filion and Stana Katic with some wonderful assists in Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever. With that said, the other returning shows weren't bad at all, as both How I Met Your Mother and Chuck went into the their new seasons with a mother in mind. While many were down on HIMYM last season, I really wasn't, so they didn't need to prove anything to me with their premiere. It delivered on the laughs, the plot, and most importantly the characters we've come to love. Special kudos to Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel. As for Chuck, it was a hoot to see Linda Hamilton as Chuck's mom as well as to see the new Buy More and General Beckman's new role in the show. Castle - A; Chuck - B+; How I Met Your Mother - B+

The new shows pretty much ran the gamut in terms of my expectations. The Event disappointed promising us the next 24 or the next Lost, but all the pilot did was make me miss those two groundbreaking shows. With that said, I tend to give these kinds of shows a lot of leeway especially in the beginning, so I'll give it 2-3 more episodes to get into its groove. Lone Star met my high expectations as I was immediately riveted by the double lives of Bob Allen. The premise has so much promise and I'm loving the melodramatic soap tone of the show. This one is definitely a keeper, that is, if the network doesn't cancel it soon. Finally, there's Hawaii Five-0 which pleasantly surprised me. The best part about the show is not the gorgeous locales or the plot (what plot?), but the chemistry between the actors. Even though it took until the second half to get all four leads together, they gelled quite well that by the end I already saw them as a family. It also doesn't hurt to have such a hot cast. Lone Star - A-; Hawaii Five-0 - B; The Event - C+


  1. I haven't seen the "Chuck" premier yet, but "Castle" was awesome...so much fun!!

  2. Hi Ryan, I got to your blog through Andrew's Encore Entertainment.

    I saw three shows on Monday night, which is a record as I don't usually watch any TV at all. But Chuck was great (can't wait until Timothy Dalton shows up!) and Hawaii Five O is definitely a keeper. Yes I agree, the chemistry of the cast is what's good to watch. They don't seem forced, and at the end when they're all together, I feel like the actors' been friends all their life. Looks like third time's the charm for Alex O'Loughlin, good for him... and CBS.

  3. @rtm - Hi! Yeah, I'm really looking fwd to seeing what the cast has to offer in the next few episodes now that they've finished with all of the setting up. Looking like to be a fun show and really that's all that it needed.


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