Monday, September 27, 2010

Amazing Race 17: The Contestants

It's another season of The Amazing Race which means it's yet another season to live vicariously through these brave racers traveling around the world for a chance of a million dollars. Hopefully the show will be around long enough for me to drum up the courage to apply, but for now I'm merely a huge fan and watcher. With that said, here are my initial thoughts on the 11 teams competing this year, in the order they checked in with Phil:

Jill & Thomas (Dating) - They are a formidable team out in front for most of the leg, working well together, and getting the show's first Express Pass enabling them to skip a task during the race. They're likable enough, so I wasn't angry they got this special prize.

Nat & Kat (Doctors) - Despite their rhyming names, I'm rooting for this team because (a) they refer to themselves as nerds (b) they are beautiful and smart, but seem very grounded and (c) I want an all-female team to win finally. Hope it's them!

Connor & Jonathan (Ivy League Acapella Singers) - Their singing will most likely get to me after a few more episodes, but they're likable enough. A few team have dubbed them "Team Glee." Seem to not take themselves too seriously, but could do well if they get their navigational skills and their penchant to help people in check.

Brook & Claire (Home Shopping Hosts) - They were popular even before the show began what with their watermelon video going viral. With that said, they both seemed to recover from that fluke accident quite well and is poised to be one of the few strong all-female teams this year.

Katie & Rachel (Beach Volleyball Partners) - Another strong all-female team, they are both fearless and athletic. Didn't get much on their personalities in the first episode, but they seem to work well together at least.

Gary & Mallory (Father/Daughter) - Was afraid Mallory would get on my nerves, but other teams have nicknamed her "Sunshine" and that's pretty much what she is and her joy and enthusiasm is contagious. Both seem to complement each other.

Michael & Kevin (Father/Son) - They are adorable together and apparently both are Youtube sensations. It's nice to see healthy/loving family relationships in display on this race (also see Gary/Mallory).

Chad & Stephanie (Newly Dating) - Very early in the show, Chad tells the viewers that he wants to propose to Stephanie during the race. That told me everything I needed to know about Chad and his macho bonehead act throughout the leg just confirmed it. Feel sorry for Stephanie.

Andie & Jenna (Birth Mother/Daughter) - They have been recently reunited and will use the race to spend time and bond with one another. It's a little hokey, but it's nice I suppose. As a team, they didn't really make an impression, but here's hoping they find the race worthwhile.

Nick & Vicki (Dating) - Wow, are they dumb. Thankfully, they're awfully likable in their naivete and they don't yell at one another (see Chad/Stephanie). I'm sort of rooting for them to as the ultimate underdog. Maybe they'll surprise us next week!

Ron & Tony (Best Friends) - They were first in the first half of the leg and then quickly and tragically ended up last in the end by getting hopelessly lost in the English countryside. They seemed really interesting and was sad they were the first to go.

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