Friday, September 3, 2010

The subliminal mind fuck America...

Saw American Idiot on Broadway last weekend and really enjoyed it. The cast is incredibly talented and their endurance is something to behold especially after some of these intense numbers. The music of Green Day really lends itself to the "plot" they came up with, but I'm sure it helped that I knew Green Day's music well before seeing the play.

The cast recently performed six songs over in AOL Sessions. Here is the cast singing the title song, "American Idiot:"

For those interested, the musical tells the story of three friends (played by Michael Esper, John Gallagher Jr., and Stark Sands) and how their lives take different paths (fatherhood, drugs, and the army respectively).

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  1. Thanks for posting that, Ryan! Now I don't have to go look for it ;) I gotta say it's REALLY weird hearing Green Day's songs being sung "properly". While I have the utmost respect for all of the obvious talent on that stage, something just doesn't click for me seeing their songs being so choreographed and correct...I'm used to a Green Day that doesn't quite hit all the notes (and I've loved them for that). But it still looks like it was a fun time, I would love to check it out on Broadway!


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