Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Girl: Lisa Kudrow

Today Lisa Kudrow, my favorite Friends, turns 50 and as much success as she has had, doesn't it always feel like she should have more? Certainly most everyone seems to agree that she should've gotten an Oscar nomination for her great work in The Opposite of Sex and while she has already won an Emmy for Friends, she really deserved more than a sole nomination for The Comeback. I'd just love it if some big-time director crafted a movie role just for her perhaps where she plays Michelle Williams caustic mother/older sister in some dark comedy.

In the meantime, she's not exactly doing nothing. Last week, the two main projects she's been working on recently had their season premieres, her reality show Who Do You Think You Are? and her Showtime series Web Therapy which I briefly talked about a few years ago when it was just a simple web series. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Web Therapy since it moved offline, but from what I've heard the high quality evident in the web series is still very much there. I'll catch up eventually! I also saw her recently on Hollywood Game Night where she was on a team with Martin Short and Alyson Hannigan and competed against her old Friends co-star Matthew Perry.

Speaking of Friends, Kudrow will always have Phoebe Buffay and no one can ever take that away from her. So to celebrate her birthday, everyone should watch this compilation of all the songs Kudrow sang on Friends:

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