Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Emmy Ballot: TV Series

Emmy nominations are tomorrow! Are you excited? I'm not really. As much as I love TV and awards shows and am genuinely happy when my favorites are honored, I've become so jaded the past few years. It's not as if there have been many more unworthy repeat nominations and winners the past few years compared to a decade ago, but I wasn't really blogging about it then! But I'll still pore over the nominations tomorrow and maybe even wake up early to see House of Card's Kate Mara and Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul announce the nominees. For now, my picks for best TV series...

Disclaimer: Even though they only nominate 5-6 shows, voters are asked to pick "no more than 10" shows they "feel worthy of nomination." So I'll be picking 10, but making sure to highlight the 6 shows making up my top choices.

Arrested Development
Ben and Kate
New Girl
Parks and Recreation

30 Rock
Happy Endings
How I Met Your Mother

I fully expect last year's nominees Veep, Girls, and 30 Rock to make it in again with the latter celebrating its final season. The rest of my list will find it a bit more difficult. I'm hoping my favorite sitcom Parks and Recreation makes it in the short list like it did two years ago, but more likely voters might want to nominate resurrected Arrested Development, which has been nominated for each of its season. The growth of New Girl and the absolute charm of Ben and Kate would get them in if it was a fair playing field, but alas.

Alternates: Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Suburgatory

The Americans
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
Orphan Black

Downton Abbey
House of Cards

My drama wishlist is a bit more in line with Emmy's taste than comedy so I'm almost always okay with their selection here. My biggest wish would be for new shows to break through like The Americans or Orphan Black (or even Elementary or House of Cards). I highly doubt they will though (though Cards does have star power and novelty factor in its favor), but even their mainstay Mad Men is one of my favorite shows, so I'm not too bothered. Last year nominees Breaking Bad, Homeland, and Game of Thrones will surely make a return trip, especially the latter which had a higher quality season than last. I do wonder if Downton Abbey will be back or if the last year's snubbed The Good Wife will take its place. It's an embarrassment of riches surely.

Alternates: Dexter, Fringe, Hannibal, Mad Men, Vikings, The Walking Dead

And that's all I wrote before the real nominations disappoint me tomorrow. I just hope there's one or two pleasant surprises in store. For my acting nomination wishlists, click the following: Leading / Supporting / Guest.

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