Monday, July 22, 2013

HIMYM at Comic Con

As lead up to its much-awaited final season, How I Met Your Mother made its first appearance at this weekend Comic Con. It may be weird to some, but it makes sense if you realize that the cast is made up of Willow Rosenberg, Dr. Horrible, and Agent Maria Hill.

Alan Sepinwall did a liveblog of the fairly informative session that should have put some naysayers at ease. Yes, the final season will encompass the wedding of Robin and Barney, but the event is being used more as a "framework" more than anything and the show will have freedom to do their usual narrative tricks such as flashbacks and flash-forwards to, at the very least, get us fans to learn more about the mother played by Cristin Millioti. This pleases me as it pretty much confirms my own thoughts on the show at the end of last season:
Like many people, I was upset when I heard about this news at first, but I've come around to appreciating the daring structure for the season and hope there'll at least be some flashbacks or flash-forwards to fill in some blanks. It may sound like I'm being yet again defensive for this show, but one of the unique elements of this show (and one of the reason why I loved it so) is its willingness to shake up its storytelling structure. So it's quite possible that this final season could very well be a tour de force.

I'm starting to get excited about the new season now! In any case, head over to Sepinwall's site for a lot more information from the panel, but I had to share the video that opened the session of Ted's kids, now all grown up, putting an epic and hilarious smackdown to their long-winded father:

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