Saturday, February 19, 2011

TV Report: 2/14-2/18

Just a few quick thoughts on some of the shows I watched this past week...

How I Met Your Mother - Even though they failed at handling the Barney/Robin relationship last season, I'm still hoping they are the endgame so I'm not too worried about them suddenly giving Barney a love interest. Plus Robin was so chill about it that frankly it was refreshing. With that said, before the girl, Robin/Barney were supposed to spend Valentine's Day together playing laser tag. Say it with me, AWWW. Though my favorite part of the episode revolved around Lily's frustration with Marshall not being able to move on and Marshall finally learning how to. Dare I say that these two really have been the MVPs these season?

Mad Love - I'm sorry did I fall asleep and see a less funny version of How I Met Your Mother, because that's exactly what it felt like watching this new show. I really like the actors here, but the pilot was ridiculously uninteresting. I'm going to give this show lots of chances since I usually just turn off my TV after HIMYM anyways, but it needs to get better fast.

Greek - Haven't talked about this show much, but it's pretty much just a guilty pleasure and I'm just enjoying its last season. But just have to commend the cast for handling that fun and intense episode with all of them holed up in a bar to celebrate Calvin's birthday enabling them all to air out every little drama the group may have.

Castle - Like most episodes of this show, I *love* it as I watch, but quickly forget about it after. For this episode though it was hard to forget because we really got to see Castle get invested emotionally with the case. There was one point, early on, when I thought I had solved the case. The show proved me wrong though. And even if they're just going out for a quick drink in the afternoon, Beckett/Castle are still doing so during Valentine's Day. Say it with me now, AWWWW.

Glee - All of the Bieber stuff was a bit nauseating to be honest, but everything else wasn't so bad. I was thrilled Mercedes and Rachel had a diva-off by singing "Take Me or Leave Me" and was also very happy they covered My Chemical Romance's "Sing" and sang it well. The plot was not memorable, but what else is new?

V - Haven't mentioned it in the past because I am a fan, but the dialogue in this show is often times atrocious. With that said, who was listening to them when this episode had torture, explosions, gun fight, and everything in between. Elizabeth Mitchell had to do A LOT in this episode and like always she pulled it off expertly. Her final war cry in the end gave me goosebumps.

The Good Wife - I am so upset that Will lied to Alicia after it took her ALL THIS TIME to work up the nerve to confront him about the missing voicemail! But really why talk about that when we could instead talk about Kalinda who had a flirtatious dinner with a female fed then played sexual poker (or Russian roulette?) with Blake ending with her knocking him down with a bat. But Blake had the last laugh and gave us something to chew on in the meantime, he called her HUSBAND? What does this mean?! Show, stop being so good, please.

Modern Family - I'm actually not a huge fan of guest stars in this show especially if there are more than one. I just think the family is wacky enough and almost all of the best episodes this series has had to offer contain no guest stars. This episode didn't change my mind in that regard, but still lots of quality stuff like Luke trying to be cute, Cam's need to bring out his inner Fizbo (and his fight with the princess), and drunk Gloria is always good.

Mr. Sunshine - If the best part about the episode was Nick Jonas acting like an asshole then this show has a huge problem. I don't know what to say really.

Big Bang Theory - Quick confession, after the first commercial break I dozed off. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of the episode and more because I was exhausted. Of course I also then watched most of NBC's shows that night AFTER my quick nap, so I dont know what to say.

Community - This was a mixed episode for me in that I find the Pierce's character completely intolerable and his mere presence actually lessens my enjoyment to the show. With that said, everyone else, with their storylines, dialogue, actions, whatever, were brilliant from Britta's explanabrag to Abed's documentary to Donald Glover proving he's the MVP of this show with his reaction to meeting Levar Burton. His tearful rendition of the Reading Rainbow theme song was sheer comedic genius. Oh and there's the Firefly shout out which made my heart grow three sizes bigger. Good one.

The Office - I'm a fair-weather fan of this show so I wasn't that invested in seeing Michael's movie that he's supposedly been working on since S2 so I actually thought the episode sucked with the exception of seeing old characters come back, which was great fun and frankly a highly creative way to bring those people back for Carrell's swan song season.

Parks & Recreation - Ben Wyatt, you're a beautiful human disaster and I love you for it. It's been great seeing Adam Scott play mostly the straight man for these past few episodes, but letting his crazy side go here was much needed and he did it perfectly and without compromising his character. It was also really nice to see Andy/April get together finally in the end of this episode. I expect more cuteness from them from now on!

30 Rock - To be honest, I only really enjoyed the last few minutes of the episode when Liz was putting together the whole plan of them helping her to move on after her breakup with Carol. Other than that, I actually didn't feel much about the episode.

Grey's Anatomy - It was a Meredith-centric episode and I didn't hate it. In fact, I very much liked it. Maybe because the episode was so tight or maybe it's because I have come to realization that my hate for Meredith dissipated a season or so ago. Or all of the above.

Fringe - I'll handwave the deus ex machina ending especially since (a) they had to do that and (b) it might be important to this season's endgame. All of the Peter/Olivia stuff obviously interests me, so nothing in regards to that changed with this episode. But I really do like how slowly but surely, our Walter and our world are transforming into Walternate and the alternate world. I mean Walter was THIS close to quarantining a building! The promos for next week also got me way too excited!

My plan for this 3-day weekend is to finish the entire series of Friday Night Lights which I only started watching last Thursday. I'm two episodes away from finishing the third season. After that it's only 26 episodes and that's totally doable.

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