Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday TV Report: Good Mother, Bad Love, & Thrilling Castle

Doing a catch-up TV Report post for the past few weeks have been draining in terms of memory so I'm kicking myself into doing these daily again. First up, Monday!

How I Met Your Mother - Opening the episode into the future probably elevated my expectations for the episode, so I was a bit letdown that it wasn't as epic as I imagined. One of the things I've been loving this season though is the Marshall/Lily story line of trying to get a baby especially now in light of Marshall's father's death and Marshall's identity crisis at work. Great work for Jason Segel this whole season and this couple really has been the MVP this season. I'm not disliking this whole Robin/Barney/Nora deal and at least I find it way more interesting than the Ted/Zoey/The Captain triangle, but what is the point of this? It's clear Robin and Barney still have feelings for each other, but how casual and relaxed they've both been in regards to Barney crushing on Nora is unsettling. There's got to be more on this. Finally, was this episode done to write off Wendy the Waitress as she finds her true love? If so, that's sad. I already miss Marshall's law school buddy as he's now a perpetually shirtless werewolf in True Blood.

Mad Love
- Well, it was better than the dreadful pilot, but it still wasn't good. I'm not really feeling the chemistry between Clarke and Biggs' characters and don't get me started on the "sidekicks" played by Greer and Labine. Even though I find them slightly more interesting than the two leads, their contentious relationship and interactions feel absolutely forced, but I could've handwaved that if their various clashes were entertaining, but they are not. One moment I smiled was when I saw Martin Starr from the dearly departed Freaks and Geeks and Party Down play a creepy neighbor. Also you know my interest is down when I don't even bother to learn character names. Eek.

Greek - Lots of developments that brings a bunch of things back to status quo as the show revs up for its last few episodes. The whole subplot of Dale pledging Omega Chi has thankfully come to an end with the usual friendships still intact while it looks like Ashley's relationship with the professor has a definite expiration date. All of this and Evan is back to being an immense douchebag. It is interesting that the writers are yet again dipping into this well AT THE SAME TIME as they are hinting at Evan/Casey. Was there no other direction they could've given the character or did they need this contrivance to make the Casey/Cappie endgame sweeter? It's unsettling especially since we also get scenes where Evan expresses how much he misses/loves Rebecca and it's all just weird. Finally, if Omega Chi/Gamma Psi/Dale weren't responsible for Kappa Tau's problems, WHO IS IT? Could it be the person who appeared in the promos? Don't think so, but if not then that raises more questions, doesn't it?

Castle - I only remembered that this was going to be a special two-part episode when Castle and Beckett went to the warehouse and they were exposed to radioactive materials. The scene with them in quarantine was exquisitely done and the scenes AFTER that from Castle sending his mom/daughter out of harm's way to Adrian Pasdar's rough interrogation of the mother in front of Beckett were even more affective. I really have been loving the most recent episodes delving more into Castle as a real person and I think at this point of the show's run, it's necessary. Plus I also think Castle is really good with these 2-episode events. And, I almost forgot, Serenity shout-out for the win!

Any TV last night for you?

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