Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday TV Report: Drunken Glee, Tense V, & America Debuts

Some drunken fun, a little bit of war maneuvering, and yes, even Jesus. Just your normal Tuesday night of TV...

- While the episode at times was a little too PSA regarding the whole underage drinking thing, which in its defense couldn't really be helped on a teen show such as this, I actually liked it as a whole. It was great seeing the cast away from the school and this includes Shuester and Beiste's fun night at the local honky tonk bar. And can I just say how much I've loving the addition Dot Marie Jones this year and her character's friendship with Will? The kids had a party at Rachel's house complete with Blaine who went sans his Dalton uniform and hair gel to great results. His rendition of "Don't You Want Me" with Rachel was my favorite performance of the night, though props to Heather Morris who broke it down as "Ke Dollar Sign Ha" near the end. We even got a Kurt/Burt moment and I appreciate how their scene didn't fall into melodrama as previous times. Not really invested on the Will/Emma relationship, but then again I hardly care about Will/anything really.

V - One of the things I love that they've been doing this season is showing us how Tyler and Lisa are on diverging paths. He's becoming a bit colder, wanting to distance himself from his emotions while she's slowly but surely embracing hers. Metaphorically, he's basically turning into a V while she's turning more human. I just find it really fascinating. It was also great to see the Fifth Column actually get its shit together after the massacre from last episode, but maybe I'm a little biased since Elizabeth Mitchell being a BAMF is kind of a given for me. Learning more about the V's plans was also nice and needed so the audience didn't feel as if they've been strung along, so great plot movement on that. But I'm looking forward to the day Joshua actually regains his memory again. Not liking him act as Anna's spy.

The Good Wife - No development on Will/Alicia this week after last week's frustrating "resolution," but this cast is so deep, it was okay that they weren't the focus again. Loved seeing Alan Cumming and America Ferrera together and though they are certainly an odd pair, I was left wanting more. Also great seeing Diane let loose a little bit in this episode with her on-and-off, but passionate relationship with McVeigh. There was also a bit of a tease regarding Kalinda's husband as "someone" kept calling her. Oh and there was a random storyline about Grace being all into Jesus now. It looks like the whole Derrick storyline is going to come to a head next week and all I can say is FINALLY.

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