Sunday, February 13, 2011

TV Report: 1/31-2/11

February sweeps are upon us and for the most part I've been enjoying many of the episodes that my regular shows have been doling out recently. Oh and didn't a big football game happen as well? First of all, I didn't get a chance to see everything I had wanted to see. Missed the most recent episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural mostly due to lack of time and not because I didn't want to see them. Onwards...

Chuck - The episode from two weeks ago acted as the defacto finale if they didn't get the back nine and it showed as it featured the take down of Volkoff, Ellie's labor, and that final scene with Chuck/Sarah. While it felt totally rushed, it still really worked for me and for this reason, I've decided to take a break from the rest of the season, at least for a little while, to let that episode simmer a bit.

How I Met Your Mother - Last week's brilliant phone-tag episode which featured various members of the cast calling Marshall to update him on Ted/Zoey while he stays at home amazingly did a lot to make Zoey matter to the audience. It was so good, I didn't notice they played with the color coordination of their wardrobe to CLUE characters and Katy Perry wasn't half bad as well!

Glee - Have to give them an A+ for effort for that Super Bowl episode with the highlight being some movement on the Karofksy redemption arc. Without that, the episode wasn't that special. A better episode was their Valentine's Day episode which was a less flashy and quieter episode that focused on the kids, which is usually when Glee gets it right.

V - The show is not long for this world, but it's been so intense, I'm hoping the season (series?) finale is just one insane war. My favorite part is still Anna and Erica being BAMFs, but liking Ryan being a mole, Erica's old partner investigating her, and some movement on the story of Tyler being "special" to the Vs.

The Good Wife - When is this show not ever brilliant? Two weeks ago focused on the upcoming elections as Wendy took it to Alicia, Eli took it to Becca, and the state's attorney office took it to Kalinda. This week was all about the reappearance of the wonderful lawyer played by Michael J. Fox. This time, Alica was able to take it to him. All of this as a million other awesome things are going on including Will/Diane partnering up to take out Bond.

Modern Family - Another adorable Valentine's Day episode from this show. The biggest laughs obviously came from the Dunphy's trying to re-ignite last year's flame and failing spectacularly, but kudos to the Gloria/Jay storyline showing us how much of an MVP Sofia Vergara is this season. Also enjoyed Mitchell/Cam's story if only to see both be smug and fawning for attention.

Cougar Town - It had its last episode until April two weeks ago to make room for Matthew Perry's new show and while I thought the episode itself was good, it wasn't a good episode for its viewers to MISS it terribly during its hiatus. It's already renewed, but they should've planned a bigger episode to go out on.

Mr. Sunshine - Speaking of, this was okay. I was a bit distracted so I supposed I should rewatch, but for now I'll keep watching. It was reminiscent to the first episodes of Community and Cougar Town, scattered but funny at parts. It's definitely a work in progress like those two shows were until they became AWESOME, so I have some hope. Though, yes, seeing Alison Janney throw a kid at axe-wielding clowns made me laugh more than it should have.

Community - They did a Dungeons & Dragons episode and it was epic. The fact that most of it took place in one room and it still felt epic is such a credit to this show. Then last week, it was vintage Community with the cast split up a bit to have their own Valentine's Day experiences and rather than feeling disconnected, it all worked. Was Jeff's saccharine final words out of place, maybe, but I enjoyed it. The one worrying element the past few episodes have been Pierce, but it looks like there's a working arc for him, so I'll reserve judgment until we reach its end.

Big Bang Theory - The episode two weeks ago with Sheldon getting acting lessons from Penny was funny in parts, but I liked last week's episode more with Sheldon forcing Leonard to whore himself out to a rich benefactor.

The Office - It's all about Michael and Holly. Two weeks ago in a surreal episode of the show Michael gets lost and Holly finds him because they are so in tuned with each other. This was also the moment they realize they should be together now. Last week's episode took it to the extreme as they couldn't get their hands off one another making everyone else uncomfortable. They declare their love love for one another and decide to move in. Not really invested in the show, but I think this is just so nice for Steve Carrell as he exits the show.

Parks & Recreation - The Time Capsule episode was good, but mostly to see the crazy town hall meetings back. The Twilight jokes were good too. But I loved last week's Ron and Tammy (Part Two!) episode because real-life couple Megan Mullaly and Nick Offerman really goes balls out in their interactions with one another. All of this plus Ron in cornrows wearing a kimono. Oh and throughout all of this there's so many Ben/Leslie moments, I was just dying from the adorableness of it all.

30 Rock - To be honest, it's difficult for me to remember what happened two weeks ago. I think it was when Liz pretended to be pregnant. Clearly the episode didn't leave me any lasting impression. But this week's episode was fantastic. I actually never liked Carol with Liz (much preferred her with Wesley), but this episode really made me like them together. Of course ironically enough this is also the episode they fought and broke up. Jack and Avery's quest to have an American baby as she goes into labor in Canada was inspired stuff as well.

Fringe - Finally, but definitely not least THIS SHOW IS OFF THE WALLS INSANE AND AMAZING. I could go on and on about the super disgusting Freaks of the Week (boneless victims! bugs and beatles!), but it's all about the triangle Peter/Oliva/Fauxlivia. Two weeks ago we find out that the fate of the two universe hangs on whoever Peter chooses to end up with, but to find out that he still had feelings for Fauxlivia is a dagger especially to Olivia who is still pretty damn traumatize by the whole thing. Fauxlivia, on the other hand, we see this week struggling with her REAL feelings for Peter and now that she is pregnant with his child things have gone from OH SHIT to OMG OMG OMG OMG. This is a show that's closer to being cancelled than not and it's a terrible shame.


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