Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts on Idol's Top 7

With the much needed double-eliminations of a few dead weights, I feel we're finally getting somewhere this season. Granted there's still a few loose ends here and there, but for the most part I'm feeling just a tiny bit more optimistic for this much maligned season.

This week it's Inspirational Song Week and yes I just rolled my eyes. But really it makes sense since tomorrow's result show will also serve as Idol's sort of annual Idol Gives Back concert. Unfortunately, most of the contestants this week sang through the motions or completely faltered. There were two exceptions and both of them are no surprise to anyone who's been watching this season. In fact they're the two singers getting ME through this season.

Casey James - He delivered another good, but forgettable performance. He's still a threat to win because he's consistent, likable, and charming. But he needs to do something far more exciting than what he delivered tonight.

Lee Dewyze - He's one of the two singers I talked about above. Every week he's just gaining confidence and delivering one strong performance after another. He can still grow a lot and if he does, everyone should really fear him.

Tim Urban - I will give him credit for his performances the past two weeks i.e. he didn't suck. But the longer he stays, the longer the agony. He's a fine singer, but so so SO limited. He needs to go now.

Aaron Kelly - While he performed well enough, the song was too much for him. The song was overly cheesy and difficult already, but the messy arrangement made it that much more overwhelming for the boy. Oddly enough I've sort of started rooting for him.

Siobhan Magnus - Is this really the girl who's supposed to be one-one-one with Crystal, because I don't really recognize her anymore. Maybe it was all the butterflies, figuratively and literally.

Michael Lynche - To be honest, it was just an okay performance for me. It sort of reminded me of Casey's performance in that it was good, but a bit lazy and a little too auto-pilot for me.

Crystal Bowersox - She easily delivered the best performance of the night. It wasn't even a competition. THIS was her Moment and it was beautiful. Odder things have happened and there's still a chance she won't win, but who the hell is predicting that? Not me. Instead, I will just be voting.

So there you go. Lee was good, Crystal was the best, and everyone else were blah. Though hasn't this been the case for most of the season? The more things change...

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