Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love. Lost. Love.

In Richard's episode two weeks ago, we find out that the Island is a "cork" holding back the Man in Black. In last night's amazing Desmond-centric episode, we find out what the show is all about with another four-letter word: Love. Too corny for you? Tough. I am eating it all up.

I love the show's dense mythology and ambitious ways of telling a story, but it's all about the characters for me. And when those characters are in lurve (with the key exception of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle of who-the-fuck-cares), I get all giddy. I'm looking forward to seeing the inevitable Sun/Jin reunion on Island and hopefully seeing the alt-universe coupling of Sawyer/Juliet, Charlie/Claire, and Daniel/Charlotte. But really it's all about Desmond/Penny isn't it?

At this point I don't care if the writers answer all my questions in the end. I just want those couples to live happily ever after. That's probably way too much to ask, but I'm asking anyways.

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