Sunday, April 4, 2010

Second Titles & Second Chances

Former US Open champions, Kim Clijsters and Andy Roddick both claimed their second title of the year by winning the Sony Ericsson Open this weekend. While lacking the drama and epicness of their semifinal bouts, both held steady amidst a struggling opponent. Venus Williams looked out of sorts piling unforced errors after unforced errors while Tomas Berdych was lucky to log a scoreline that close despite his low service percentage.

While often overshadowed by their more decorated rivals, both have shown the willingness and determination to change and get better. For Clijsters, she took that much-needed hiatus from tennis to center her life while Roddick has been working with Larry Stefanki to change up his game. The win this weekend show something is working, but their successes were even evident last year. Who could forget Clijsters winning her second Grand Slam title in Flushing or when Roddick was one break of serve away from taking the Wimbledon title from the great Roger Federer in that final set?

So for both, it's been a good start of the year and it seems both are taking full advantage of the second chance they've been given. True, both are probably past their primes, but once a champion...

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