Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost Loves Reunite

Lots of things happened in last night's episode of Lost, but nothing more satisfying than to see Sun and Jin finally reuniting. Last time they saw one another was at the end of S4 (not counting any flashbacks or flash sideways of course). In "real" time though, the couple had been separated for three years (and some change). In that time, Jin worked for the Dharma Initiative and perfected his English while Sun raised their daughter off the Island only to go back to look for Jin.

I have to admit that I thought we'd never see this happen. The show did everything they could to keep these two apart, but with six hours of the show to go, the reunion was inevitable. Of course as soon as they both saw one another, I thought one or both would get shot or get electrocuted or SOMETHING. I'm glad nothing like that happened. Not yet anyways. At the very least, Jin needs to hold his daughter!

In other Island news, things are heating up with Widmore declaring war because UnLocke took Desmond. It was left open-ended whether or not Sayid killed Desmond, but I doubt they'd actually let such an iconic part of the show die off-screen. Sawyer was able to get himself, Kate, Hurley, Miles, Lapidus, Sun, Claire, and Jack away from UnLocke only for Jack to take "a leap of faith" and go back to UnLocke. As for alternate sideways reality, everyone seems to be converging either in the hospital where Jack works or the police station with Sawyer.

Next week is not a new episode, but the week after that we should find out who the candidate is for Jacob. Methinks it's Jack since he's the only one to show ANY interest in the job.

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