Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Gives Back And Then Some

This year's Idol Gives Back show contained about 10% results show, 30% performances, 30% call to action/charity, and 45% stupid crap. That doesn't add up to 100% you say? Well the show ran over like 22 minutes, so it works.

As easy as it is to rag on American Idol, it's also just as easy to give them credit for these Idol Gives Back shows. If you can donate to their cause, please do so.

The elimination was a bit of a gift in itself with Tim Urban finally getting the boot. With his now much-talked about smile, good looks, and modicum amount of singing talent, he's bound to milk his stint on American Idol quite well. More power to him. I mean, looked at what he accomplished! He went from being cut during Hollywood Week to finishing 7th securing himself a juicy spot at the Idol Summer Tour.

So now with six contestants left, we can easily divide them into two groups of three. Those that have had mid to high buzz since the beginning of the competition and have NEVER been to the bottom three (Crystal, Lee, and Siobhan) to the others (Casey, Michael, and Aaron). And of course, I'm still rooting for a Bowersox-Dewyze finale.

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