Thursday, July 2, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 14

I'm usually pretty critical when it comes to the routines that the dancers perform on SYTYCD, but I have to say that I pretty much loved everyone's performances last night.

Janette & Brandon displayed their huge talent for fast dancing when they nailed their Cha Cha number. I was only upset that judge Mia Michaels is not drinking the Brandon Kool Aid, but oh well. Kayla & Kupono did a quirky vampire-esque number and it was the FIRST time I truly enjoyed one of Kupono's performances. Following them was my favorite Randi & Evan showing off their personalities with a Fosse-like number. Choreographer Brian Freedman then gave Jason & Kaitlin a weird alien performance which was shockingly good. I just loved the concept and it was brilliantly executed all the way through.

The next three performances I didn't LOVE as much, but they were still great. Jeanine & Phillip had a Hip Hop number where they were chained together. Loved the dancing, but the chain was distracting. Then Melissa & Ade did the "first" Pas De Deux in SYTYCD history, but I could swear this was performed before in the show. He kinda played second fiddle to her who was absolutely marvelous. Finally, Karla & Vitolio did their best with the dreaded Quickstep, but it was still Quickstep.

So tonight I fully expected at least for Karla & Vitolio to be in the bottom and they were. They were joined by Kayla & Kupono who I thought was one of the best performances the night before and by Jeanine & Phillip which was a bit of a pleasant shock. The judges, however, as so far up Phillip's ass that his safety wasn't even in questioned.

As par for this season, the dancers "dancing for their lives" were largely meh. The only person to try anything was Phillip and even then the judges called him desperate. Just can't win, can you? In the end it was Karla & Vitolio to leave and I just have to agree. Karla never made any impact on me and I thought she was bland as white bread. Vitolio on the other hand was up against a resurgent Kupono and an infallible Phillip.

Finally, Kelly Clarkson was the musical guest and she performed her hit "I Do Not Hook Up." I love her.

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