Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad, and The Whatever


- Neil Patrick Harris (HIMYM) and Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) are nominated in Supporting and Lead Actor categories respectively. Since both of them are the undisputed stars of their hilarious shows, well-deserved!

- How I Met Your Mother is nominated for Best Comedy Series! HUZZAH! Will it win against the overwhelming favorite 30 Rock? Probably not, but to be nominated at all is wonderful!

- Lost is nominated once again for Best Drama Series. And why the hell not? It's been my favorite TV show for what 2-3 years running? Insanity. Also congrats for Michael Emerson's second nod for his amazing work as Ben Linus.

- Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica got some love with 5 and 6 Emmy nominations respectively. Kristin Chenoweth got a second nod for her character Olive Snook!

- Speaking of Chenoweth, how fun is the Best Supporting Actress (Comedy)? Krakowski, Perkins, Poehler, Wiig, and Williams. I want to have dinner with these ladies (or go to a strip club with them).

- Phil Keoghan is nominated for Best Reality Host! He should've been nominated last year and won, but I'm almost relieved he didn't since he would have had to host the crapfest that was last year's ceremony.

- Joss Whedon and Co. are nominated for their work on Dr. Horrible! The category is for Outstanding Special Class - Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs. What a mouthful.

- So You Think You Can Dance got 4 well-deserved nominations for Best Choreography. Whee!


- Despite some Emmy nominations, Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica did not get Best Series nominations or any other major nominations other than for Chenoweth. Emmy, you're insane.

- I know 30 Rock and Mad Men are the BEST.TV.SHOWS.EVER but together they took up 8 of the 10 writing nominations. I'm sorry, but that is BULLSHIT.

- They STILL don't like vampires. True Blood couldn't bite their way in despite having that HBO/Anna Paquin cache.

- Final seasons of series get the shaft: Pushing Daisies, Battlestar Galactica, The Shield, ER, and Boston Legal all don't get much love.

- Lost got lots of love, but it needed like a bazillion more nomination. That was perfect TV from the first episode to last bar none. And to only have ONE acting nomination? RIDICULOUS!

- Sorry, but I don't see Cat Deeley nominated for Best Reality Host. What's up with that?


- Snubs I don't care about: Katherine Heigl, Two and A Half Men. I'm sure there's more.

- Family Guy for Best Comedy Series? I like the show, but wow, really?

- Previous Emmy favorites ER, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, and Ugly Betty only muster 2 nominations each this year. Major ouch for those shows.

- If you want to get a quick Emmy nomination? Guest star in either 30 Rock or Law & Order: SVU.

- The sorta lame 24 Movie got more nominations than the pretty damn good past season of 24. WHAT?! The mind boggles.

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