Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reality Show Rundown

So You Think You Can Dance

This week the top ten were paired up with different partners. For the most part some partnerships worked. My favorite couple and performance was Jeanine and Jason performing choreography by former SYTYCD finalist Travis Wall. It was breathtakingly beautiful and really showcased both of their skills. The judges (and the audience) loved it as well. My least favorite performance came from Randi and Kupono. I've always loved Randi and I've only recently started semi-rooting for Kupono. So it was a bit dissapointing that their Paso Doble lacked the passion and strength that the style commanded. It was then not a surprise to see them both eliminated the next night. At this point my favorites are still hanging in there, but I fear that the powerhouse that is Brandon and Janette will bulldoze everyone to their way to the top 4. And while I admit they are both great dancers, I've never been a fan of either for one reason or another and they are definitely the frontrunners. Next week, an eventful week to celebrate the 100th episode!

Next Food Network Star

It's getting to the end and the top four contestants really had to keep their composure this week as they were thrown obstacles and surprises left and right. First they had to do a live demo with an obnoxious co-host and a less-than-optimal kitchen environment. Then they had to prepare a seafood recipe with ingredients they were not comfortable with. Debbie won the first round brushing it all off while maintaining her bubbly personality while the others were less successful in varying degrees. In the second round, they all did well enough, but Jamika suffered another crisis in confidence. With the end being so close, that was just enough for the judges to say goodbye to her. Next week Deb, Jeffrey, and Melissa have one last chance to convince the judges to pick them to be the next Food Network star.

Design Star

The season premiere of HGTV's Design Star happened tonight and I'm already excited for the season to come. There are already definite personalities, and clashing ones at that, that will provide the needed entertainment and drama. Plus the addition of Candice Olson and Genevieve Gorder to the judge panel is just wonderful as I really enjoy both of their design sensibilities. Similar to past season, their first challenge was to design the house they were going to live in with the eleven contestants given $50,000 and five rooms to divide amongst themselves. Right off the bat, two designers impressed me with their boldness and design intelligence. Nathan Galui and Dan Vickery did the dining room and the judges, like me, were definitely wowed. The other designers didn't really make much of an impact on me yet. Though NataLee Callahan was evicted for breaking down mid-challenge due to her and her partner's overly ambitious, but poorly executed design. Next week, divided into two teams and a kitchen remodel!

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