Friday, July 10, 2009

Reality Sucks

There's something missing in the mix this year with So You Think You Can Dance. There's no real standout and while a lot of people like that anyone can win, it sort of creates a stagnant season. Then again every single season I've seen there's been that one dancer I truly rooted for (Benji, Pasha, Gev) while cheering on others. The latter group of people still exist this season (Melissa, Ade, Randi, Evan), but there's not that one person

I'm not sure what it is about this season of SYTYCD, but I'm just not feeling it this year. I think it's because every single season I've seen, I had that one dancer I truly loved to watch to dance every week (Benji, Pasha, Gev) and a few other dancers I rooted for as well. The latter group of people still exist this season namely Randi, Evan, Melissa, and Ade, but that one person that makes me want to vote is not there.

Then again maybe it's also because there's no real standout dancer this year. Sure you can make an argument that this year's IT dancer is Brandon, but that's another problem for me. I never liked him. Not to knock on his dancing per se, but I just never gelled with him or his partner Janette. And now with Phillip's shocking (but correct) elimination, both of their roads got easier to the inevitable final. I'm really really hoping neither of them wins, but I fear it'll be one of them indeed.

In other reality show news, Big Brother had its premiere this past Thursday. In spite of myself and my better judgment, I still watch this show. I don't know why. But this season might be the first season I don't watch. First of all, the "theme" of the season is high school and the cliques within. As if I needed any reminder of that heinousness. But I could've probably stomach that except they brought back an old contestant who I really really really don't like. So right here, right now, I am making a vow to not see anymore episodes this season at least until that certain person I really really don't like gets evicted.

This is good news. More time to catch up on films and TV shows. The latter especially since I'm dying to see Torchwood as well as catch up on Skins and Weeds. Yes, very very good.

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