Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Greta Gerwig Books Surprise CBS Sitcom Gig

One of CBS' more high profile pilots in development for next season is the "spin-off" for the departing How I Met Your Mother, which is of course entitled How I Met Your Dad. The show is only a "spin-off" in the loosest sense of the word in that it shares the concept of the earlier show and most of the same creatives are involved. The new show, however, will feature new characters and will center on "Sally" who is described as a "female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life."

Yesterday, it was announced that indie film queen Greta Gerwig has been cast as Sally with many bemoaning the fact that Gerwig is somehow selling out by attaching herself to not just a CBS sitcom, but a sitcom that's a spin-off of a show many thought has outstayed its welcome. While I don't really disagree with that last part, when How I Met Your Mother was good, it was great and I'm hopeful that with a slightly fresher slate, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas can work their magic once again. Gerwig's participation (not just as the lead, but as a producer and writer as well) makes me that much more optimistic for the show. I think her unique style and voice will be a big asset to the show and the exposure the show will give her could only mean good things for her in the long run. Frankly this is a win-win, provided the show actually connects with the audience.

The rest of the cast including Sally's best friend, Sally's brother, and her brother's husband have yet to be announced, but what I'm dying to know is who will voice "older Sally" who will serve as the narrator to the audience. Bob Saget filled that role in How I Met Your Mother, so if we're going to be picking from TV veterans, I kindly submit Lisa Kudrow or Helen Hunt. Any other suggestions?

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