Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick TV Thoughts

Before I talk about some lingering thoughts I had on some of the TV shows I watched this week, I just want to express my disappointment and anger that my favorite show last year The Hour will not see a third season. I guess I hadn't been paying attention to its ratings across the pond, but I guess they were low enough for BBC not to renew the show. Now we're left with a bummer of a cliffhanger ending that I hope won't dissuade others to check out the show's second season, because it is still damn worth it. There's a fan campaign in the works to try and save the show, if you think those things work at all.

Girls Gets Indulgent

Was it an indulgent episode? Very much so, but I also don't think that made it bad. In fact, it was probably one of the series' best though still a step below last week's brilliant episode. It was essentially a bottle episode that starred Lena Dunham and Patrick Wilson as two individuals going on a 3-day journey of self-discovery together. It was sexy, messy, sad, absurd, and most importantly fleeting. My favorite moment was towards the end when Hannah was forced to extricate herself from this obviously emotional and fantastical moment of her life. Will this lead to a more grown-up and mature Hannah? Time will tell.

The Americans Continue to Impress

In probably its strongest episode yet, I'm really falling just a bit in love with this show. It helps that the luminous Margo Martindale makes her first appearance as the two leads' tough as nails new handler. I also love that we got to explore more of Elizabeth's and Phillip's past especially in regards to their strained relationship as compared to Elizabeth's more passionate one with Gregory. Hope we see him and his crew again.

Parks & Recreation Gives Me Feelings

Immediately after the episode ended I tweeted that it gave me "Harvest Festival feelings and more" with me of course referring to the fantastic S3 episode that solidified for me the show's awesomeness. It shared a lot of aspects with that episode after all with Leslie facing improbable obstacles and her friends rallying around her to save the day. That S3 episode is also just one of the highlight reels in the magnificent Ben/Leslie relationship which ties in nicely with the cliffhanger ending of this most recent episode of Ben proposing they hold their wedding now in front of the whole town who has shown up in a black-tie gala to save the park. To say I screamed with delight (at this revelation) then indignation (at the To Be Continued) would be underselling my reaction. I'm going to be a mess next week.

Semi-Old School How I Met Your Mother

I don't have much to say about the guys' part of the episode, but the Robin/Lily parts were just aces. Utilizing the show's old school way of narrating a story through time jumps and hidden twists made Robin's story of being left alone for the first time with Marvin a joy throughout. The dual climax of finding out Mike Tyson assisted her and Robin's reaction when she finally does hold Marvin shows the show still has the capability to surprise and create heartfelt moments.

Elementary Proves Super Bowl Episode Fluke

More and more I'm thinking everyone involved just dropped the ball with that Superbowl episode, because these last couple of episodes post-Superbowl were really quite good. I especially liked that we got more of Bell's history in this one focusing the main mystery on who was trying to kill/frame him and giving him a brother who just got out of prison. The episode also gives us the scene we've all been waiting for with Sherlock confronting Watson about needing her to stay with him indefinitely not as a "sober companion" but simply as a "companion." It was well done by both, but Miller just continues to impress.

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