Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Looking Forward To... April Showers

I had planned on posting this last week, but life got in the way. In any case, the first two shows already had their season premiere, but in the age of DVRs and online viewing it really doesn't matter, right? In any case, here are the deluge premieres and returns I'm looking forward to this upcoming month...

The Killing
(April 1st, AMC 8pm)
- SEASON PREMIERE. Maybe it was because I saw the last half of the season over one weekend AFTER all of the drama that centered around the lack of resolution its end had, but I was totally fine with it. It's a fine enough drama, albeit a tad bleak, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the story. With that said, I'm going to probably need to figure out when exactly I have time to fit in this 2-hr premiere.

Game of Thrones (April 1st, HBO 9pm) - SEASON PREMIERE. Never mind the fact that I already saw the premiere and absolutely LOVED it, but even if the premiere somehow failed to live up to the gloriousness that they displayed in season one, it still would've been my most anticipated season premiere of this month. It was after all my favorite new show last year.

Scandal (April 5th, ABC 10pm) - SERIES PREMIERE. I'm doing into this relatively blind. I mean I know it's about the insider lives of Washington and it stars the awesome Kerry Washington and so far that's all I need to know to at least check it out. Yes, it's by Shonda Rhimes but even with her faults, she does know how to craft a viable ensemble show. Plus she's a huge Buffy/Joss Whedon fan.

Glee (April 10, FOX 8pm) - I don't know about you but I certainly didn't miss this show while it was gone for the past few weeks. The only reason why I'm tuning in now is because I'm clearly masochistic, I still love seeing people sing and dance in a scripted TV show, and well Matthew Bomer. 'Nuf said.

Don't Trust the B- in Apt. 23 (April 11, ABC 10pm) - SERIES PREMIERE. I had a chance to see this in advanced a couple of days ago and I quite liked it. There's some things that need ironing out, but I found myself enjoying the cast especially James Van Der Beek playing himself. Think of it as 2 Broke Girls without all the misogynistic/racist humor.

Revenge (April 18th, ABC 10pm) - And my favorite new show last year on broadcast TV makes a comeback after being gone for nearly two months! Can't believe we had to wait that long without the scheming! Good news though is that we'll be getting the last 6 episodes straight through. I'm hoping for a cliffhanger!

Parks and Recreation (April 19, NBC 9:30pm) - This will have been off-the-air just a little over a month when it returns and TV will be a better place when it returns. This newly awarded Peabody winner will air its last four episodes straight through. Paul Rudd will probably return as Leslie's campaign reaches its conclusion.

There are a handful of season finales in store for this month. For a couple of those shows I've pretty much stopped watching them recently, but for the rest it'll be the usual bittersweet moment of having a great episode to tide us over for the summer months (or more in some cases). The dates are below:
  • Shameless - 4/1
  • Happy Endings - 4/4
  • Up All night - 4/12
  • Being Human - 4/14
  • Ringer - 4/17
  • Raising Hope - 4/17
  • The Good Wife - 4/29

TV|Line has a more complete list of April's season/series premieres and finales so better make sure you check it out.

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