Sunday, April 29, 2012

TV Report Catch Up: Sundays

April has just been an insane month and unfortunately May looks to even be worse! So to make sure I post about TV, I'm going to try and catch up all this week by posting my thoughts on the past two weeks of shows in a day-by-day basis. As for the upcoming few weeks, there's a chance I may take a needed blogging hiatus. Stay tuned!

The Good Wife

It's not a surprise that the past two episodes of The Good Wife has done a lot of setting up new foes and challenges for Alicia as well as putting things back into place. The season finale is after all tonight and so all of that were to be expected. In terms of new challenges, we get Jackie and Mike playing different, but still frustrating psychological games with Alicia pushing her curiously to her Peter's side as he commits to running for governor. This move brought Eli back into the political side of things which is just one reset the show has done the past couple weeks. Another is bringing back Cary into the fold of Lockhart & Gardner with a "clean slate" from Will and a new equal partnership with Alicia. But of course the biggest reset is the one fans has been waiting for since last season and that was Alicia offering a seat at the bar to Kalinda. Soulmates reunited! Of course this is probably just what Kalinda needed as she may have finally bitten off more than she can chew with Lana putting her into Lemond Bishop's crosshairs. Suffice it to say, I'm nervous about tonight's finale mostly due to this.

Game of Thrones

Kind of difficult to talk about this show since every episode is just so dense and jam-packed with plot development. Doing it for two episodes also means that many more characters and time that have passed. So instead I'm just going to say how much I've been loving this season. Renly is hilariously sarcastic especially in his dealings with the female Tyrell who is his queen (who more than holds her own against him) and his brother who has Melisandre at his side. Speaking of Melisandre, let's get the final scene last week over with since I still don't exactly know what happened. Did she give birth to the Smoke Monster from Lost? Is this the God of Light? In better news, Tyrion is still kicking ass and taking names first first rooting out Cersei's spy and then saving Sansa from the humiliation Joffrey inflicts upon her. Joffrey is as vile as ever taking his sadistic streak to a whole new level making me long for the day one of the direwolves eats his face (not a spoiler, just me hoping). Dany and her baby dragons finally find a potential home in Qarth but not before she stands up to them like the Khaleesi that she is. And finally, Arya and Gendry are making me uncomfortable in their awesomeness together because the actors have such a big age difference. But this is fiction right? It's ok?

Mad Men

Two great episodes the past two weeks. I don't even know where to begin. In the first, Lane and Pete gets into an actual fist fight which was the highlight of the episode. Both were taking out frustrations of their lives--Lane feels his professional life isn't what he planned and Pete feeling emasculated in many areas of his life. The latter especially seems to be turning into Don circa a few years ago when Don was unhappy with his personal life and bedding many women. Last week's episode was even trippier... literally... as Roger, Peggy, and Don all take unforgettable trips in the episode. Roger went to an LSD party with Jane complete with the hallucinations and the sudden realization that he and Jane are not meant to be. Peggy meanwhile capped off a terrible day of losing it in the Heinz pitch by going to a movie, getting high, and giving a guy a handjob. Finally, Don took Megan upstate to look at Howard Johnsons only to get into a fight with her that led to him worrying about and looking for her overnight. When he did find her back in their NYC apartment, the dangerous and angry Don we saw briefly in his feverish dream came out as he chased Megan around the apartment. While I missed a lot of the other characters during this episode, it was quite a tour-de-force for all involved and hope that we get to see how they all will move on from this.

Once Upon A Time

Just the one episode, but it was a great one featuring the ensembles most talented actor Robert Carlyle. As Regina and the rest of Storybrooke reel from the sudden return of Kathryn, it's Mr. Gold's fairytale flashback that takes center stage as we see more of his life with his son Baelfire after he became Rumpelstiltskin. The tragic separation of father and son that we see really informs Eli's personality in such an organic way (compare to the lame backstory of why Regina hates Snow) that it really is one of my favorite flashbacks. In the present, however, Eli and the audience are led to belive that August is the long-lost son only to find it the end that he's just someone looking for a little magic. I hope we do find out who he is as well as at least a clue as to where Eli's son may be. Perhaps next episode?

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