Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Boy: Matthew Broderick

Today is Matthew Broderick's 50th birthday which is frankly ridiculous since I still picture him as that young troublemaker who took a day off from school to hang out with his friends. And though that film celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, it's still so very much part of the public's consciousness as evident by Broderick himself spoofing the film in a car commercial at this year's Superbowl.

Other than Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I've only seen two of his films, Ladyhawke (which I just saw last night) and Election where he co-starred with two winsome blondes Michelle Pfeiffer and Reese Witherspoon respectively. Of course, he also did voice work on The Lion King. He also has done quite a few things on Broadway and is married to none other than Sarah Jessica Parker. But it really is quite intriguing how little I've seen of his work and yet think of him fondly as an actor because of that one iconic role he did forever ago. Life moves pretty fast...


  1. Working backwards, don't know why, just am. Broderick is actually a very fine actor. I've seen Wargames (a bit cheesy, but good), Project X (sad), Biloxi Blues (good), Glory (you would deeply love this one), and, as I mentioned above, Ladyhawke, which I loved, sans music.

  2. @Meltha - I will have to check all of those movies out then! Thanks for the recs!


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