Thursday, March 15, 2012

TV Report Catch Up: Sunday and Monday

In an effort to actually write and catch up on TV, I'm going to divide the shows by days and talk about my thoughts on them the past few weeks I haven't blogged about them. Up first are my Sunday and Monday TV shows...

The Good Wife - I've been really impressed how they handled Will not working at the firm anymore mostly because it enables us to see him outside the office. His sisters have been a hoot especially when they suspected Kalinda to be his girlfriend. This storyline also affected the office politics in the office in predictable (like Eli, David Lee, and Julius) jockeying to replace Will) and unpredictable ways (Alicia losing her mentor/support system). The latter comes at a time when Alicia thought she needed it the most because of Caitlin only for Caitlin to be revealed as straightforward, smart, and sweet as she's been presented. Her quitting makes me sad not only because I love Anna Camp, but the character really was a breath of fresh air. Didn't even mention the always fabulous guest stars this show has like Donna Brazile, Mamie Gummer, Dylan Baker, Morena Baccarin, Bebe Neuwirth, and Kate Burton. Finally, I'm intrigued at this race/ethical stuff they're doing with Cary and Peter.

Once Upon A Time - This show should just always take place in the fairytale world since most of the character seem to be drawn a bit more fully there. Relatedly, I'm getting a bit tired of the whole Mary Margaret/David/Kathryn thing which is why I'm actually glad that for the last two episodes the focus was on two fringe characters: Grumpy and Red Riding Hood. I've been waiting for their fairy tale back stories and neither of them disappointed. Grumpy's relationship with a fairy aptly played by Amy Acker was sweet and of course ultimately heartbreaking while Red's stories surprised me with its twists and turns. Having her be the wolf was inspired and seeing Granny so intense was great.

GCB - I already posted my thoughts on the pilot episode here and I don't have much to say about the second. It's a show I can easily see myself dropping as early as next week, but it's so far campy enough to hold my attention. Annie Potts continues to be my favorite actor/character in the show while Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenoweth do what they can though singing Jesus Takes the Wheel at church was probably a bit too much... even for this show.

Smash - The thing about this show is that I will love it or learn to love it even if it kills me, because even if there are problems, and there are a few, I still think it's a show that should be on the air. My love for New York City and Broadway musicals and the majority of the cast is making it easy to accept most of the flaws, but one would hope they fix them sooner rather than later. For example, Debra Messing is a wonderful actress and when she's freaking out about completing her book, she's fabulous. Her adoption drama, anything involving her terrible son, and her whatever relationship with Michael are all too bad for her. Karen and Ivy's rivalry could be a lot more compelling if I was actively rooting for Karen which I'm still not even though they're doing a good (or is it bad?) job at turning Ivy into a hot diva mess. Anjelica Huston is mostly wasted and is now saddled with the dreadful Ellis. Also, please no more bar mitzvahs! With that said, I'm still in love with the original Marilyn music and Jack Davenport's Derek. Also, I've realized Christian Borle as Tom is the most improved for me since the pilot to the point where he might be becoming my favorite main character.

How I Met Your Mother - The last and only new episode was three weeks ago, but it was a pretty big one signaling big changes to the show when it returns. The biggest change looks to be Ted moving out of his NYC apartment and possibly moving into his house in Westchester (where he will raise his future kids). That reveal was shocking and refreshing and not just because yellow umbrellas were involved. Hopefully it also means a bit less of Marshall and Lily in Lond Island since Ted gave them his apartment. As for Robin and Barney, well that'll be on hold of course since Barney is now into Quinn. Barney getting played by Quinn in the strip club was a bit boring, but I do like Becki Newton I'm hoping there's more to this story. Or not... Barney and Robin forever!

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