Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who Should Replace Eddie Murphy as Oscar Host?

I'm a bit late on the whole Brett Ratner Oscar controversy, but chances are if you're reading my blog you've seen it all already on other blogs and news sites. When I first heard about Ratner's homophobic comments on Monday, I was angry of course, but I had already resigned myself for the usual "sincere" apology follow by the slap-in-the-wrist punishment. Even after reading Mark Harris' excellent article calling for Ratner's firing, I was pleased many were strongly making their feelings known, but I still didn't think the Academy would actually do anything.

Fast forward to the next day and suddenly Ratner has resigned as producer. I actually missed the initial reactions to this since I was oddly enough in the midst of watching the Ratner-produced Horrible Bosses (Sidenote: Pretty funny, but I credit the casting director). Then there was the probably expected, but still shocking announcement yesterday that Eddie Murphy was stepping down as Oscar host. All in all, it's been a busy and ugly few days for the Academy and now they have to find a new producer (Brian Grazer!) and a new host (TBD!) ASAP.

Now Grazer has produced a bajillion things, so he's clearly up to the task, but who will he pick to replace Murphy? Maybe not replace him at all as there are already rumors that he might convince his Tower Heist star to stay on or to get co-star Ben Stiller. There's also people saying that he's courting his Apollo 13 star Tom Hanks to do it, but zzzz. He's also worked with Jim Carrey, which would certainly be a fresh choice, but still wouldn't be my own personal pick for the job. So in an effort to help out, below are my top 10 choices for Oscar host (sorry if this list is ridiculous repetitive from all of the other wishlists that have popped up):

1. The Muppets with Jason Segel and Amy Adams -- everyone thinks so #muppetsoscars
2. Neil Patrick Harris with or without Hugh Jackman -- he needs an EGOT in hosting and I want singing!
3. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and/or Octavia Spencer -- big year for all of them and also they are very funny
4. Ellen Degeneres -- still remember fondly when she hosted
5. Meryl Streep -- she can do no wrong; in fact she can probably host as Eddie Murphy no problem.
6. Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, and/or Amy Poehler -- as a solo act, as a pair, as a threesome... mix-and-match, it's all good!
7. Justin Timberlake -- no joke; he quite excels at hosting Saturday Night Live
8. Ryan Gosling, Jessica Chastain, or Michael Fassbender -- collectively they're in 90% of films this year... so why not?
9. Alan Rickman or Maggie Smith -- would never happen, but this is one way they can "honor" the Harry Potter series if they want
10. Anne Hathaway and James Franco -- everyone deserves a second chance as long as they rehearse (don't be Ratner!)

As you can tell I'm against the usual template of old white dude. You have to go down to my 6th choice to find the first straight white male and I'm advocating he hosts in tandem with one or two ladies. Then again the chance that one of my picks will actually be chosen is probably slim to none, but I can still dream and make crazy lists! Now it's your turn! Who do you want to host?


  1. You have to go down to my 6th choice to find the first straight white male

    Wait... is Hugh Jackman gay and nobody told me?

    For the record, I'd love the Muppets, Neil, Jackman, Degeneres, Streep, Timberlake, or Maggie and Alan. I'd also add Whoopi to the list again along with Johnny Depp or possibly Spielberg. Or Nathan Filion, because he would be funny. Or maybe Will Smith.

  2. @Meltha - God, Nathan Filion. That'd be the day. Maybe him and Neil together with Joss Whedon producing/writing. Also whoops on Hugh Jackman. Freudian slip maybe?


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