Monday, November 28, 2011

Community Voted Fan Favorite

A few weeks ago when NBC released their mid-season schedule and Community was nowhere to be found, the reaction online was widespread and immediate as both TV critics and the show's small, but very loyal fanbase demanded an explanation. NBC for their part confirmed their decision and tried to placate everyone by saying that the show's hiatus was temporary, but didn't really give a timeline for the low-rated show's return.

So I guess it was no surprise to see the show become the second TV Guide Fan Favorite winner (Supernatural won last year) especially with its fans already nervous about the show's seemingly dim future. It beat out shows such as Chuck, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Terra Nova, Person of Interest, and The Walking Dead.

Will these covers help? Probably not especially since NBC must already know the show's support from critics and fans. And they are unfortunately still in charge of running a business and it is the lowest rated sitcom in their roster. The only reason it has lasted so long is because of the network's much publicized and analyzed decline in the past few years making them less picky. I'd like to keep optimistic of its renewal chances. The show is too fun and too unique for it to go away. Six seasons and a movie!

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