Saturday, October 15, 2011

TV Report: Weekly Comedy Rankings

Trying something a little different this week when talking about the TV shows I watch. I'm going to rank the episodes all the while giving just the briefest impressions they left me this week. First up, the comedies!

1. "Remedial Chaos Theory" (Community) - Definitely one of my favorite episodes of this show. The concept of displaying different timelines is crazy enough, but to do so while serving the characters and their relationships with each other well is something else. Topnotch editing and writing as well. Can't get enough. I've already seen it a second time.

2. "Pawnee Rangers" (Parks and Recreation) - Currently the best sitcom out there delivered yet another strong episode. My favorite storyline was Donna and Tom bringing sad Ben along on their "Treat Yo Self" Day. I howled at all the craziness they put him though, but nearly died when he came out in that Batman costume. The Leslie/Ron part of the episode was also quite nice.

3. "The Chatterer" (Suburgatory) - Solid work from the father-daughter duo finding themselves suddenly on top of the social pyramid of this nutso world. I was more impressed at how at ease Jeremy Sisto was in taking on the PTA moms and how adept he has been at doing comedy.

4. "Garden Party" (The Office) - Did not expect to have Josh Groban in the episode, but he is pretty perfect as Andy's little brother. I love how we're learning more and more about Andy. From his interaction with his family, you can easily tell how he can both be an Ivy Leaguer and working as middle management. If there's one complaint, these first few episodes have felt very similar structurally. Let's switch things up here!

5. "The Russian Rocket Reaction" (Big Bang Theory) - Finding myself loving this show again. Most of that is due to it truly feeling like an ensemble show now. The show now doesn't fall apart when Sheldon isn't on screen. With that said, I also applaud them for moving forward the whole Evil Will Wheaton. Way to not settle for that joke too long.

6. "Hit and Run" (Modern Family) - Not one of their best episodes, but solid enough. Mitchell tackling that guy was a highlight as was the father-son antics of Phil and Luke (always). Not sure how I feel about Claire running for office, but I guess it makes sense.

7. "Field Trip" (How I Met Your Mother) - A bit of a filler episode especially when it came to the job hijinks of Ted and Marshall. The big story is Robin now dating her therapist. I was initially worried but they used this episode to aerate out any weird and it worked for me especially when you realize that Robin really only had one real session with him.

8. "Yesandwitch" (Happy Endings) - Megan Mullaly needs to be on TV more and she was great here as Penny's mom. They really hit it out of the park together. Unfortunately the rest of the episode paled in comparison. Though I did find myself chuckling at some of Brad and Jane's improv.

9. "And the Rich People Problems" (2 Broke Girls) - The show is still two shows in one. There's the awful, awful show that is set in a diner. Then there's the pretty good show about two different girls just hanging out and making their way in the world. The second show is keeping me watching and this week it was great especially with Max getting a glimpse of Caroline's world.

10. "Mr. Bob's Toddler Kaleidoscope" (Up All Night)
- Wasn't a bad episode at all, but it was the only sitcom that I didn't have much to say about. Though it did feel like the first episode to play off the whole work-home duality well.

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