Monday, October 31, 2011

Re-Discovering Psycho and Anthony Perkins

This weekend I saw Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Psycho for the first time in more than 15 years. Why it has taken me this long to re-watch it, I don't really know, though I often like to tell myself that it probably so scared the Beetlejuice out of me back then that I just never had the desire to see it again. Of course, upon seeing it again, I quickly realized my mistake of avoiding this for so long since it is a classic for a reason. Everything about the film is just so masterfully done--from the shot selections to the casting, from the dialogue to the lighting. It would make a welcome addition to my top 10 films to watch on Halloween which I posted last year.

In any case, what grabbed me more about the film this time around, apart from rediscovering everything about the film that made it so great, is just how attractive Norman Bates was. I guess back then I was just focused on trying not to get too scared to notice Anthony Perkins' pretty face. Granted, that was most definitely part of Hitchcock's thought process when casting Perkins. Attractive people aren't usually the bad guys! So Bates' boyish good looks enabled him to trick Marion and the audience into thinking he's just messed up, but not that messed up.

Lost long twins: Perkins and Garfield

As I focused in on Perkins' face and mannerisms while I watched, I noticed that he looked a bit like Andrew Garfield of Social Network and Amazing Spider-Man fame. A quick Google search confirmed that plenty of people have had the same thoughts. I'm not advocating for a remake with Garfield as Bates, especially since Gus Van Sant already made one back in 1998 which I never watched but now I feel like I should, but I'd settle for him to play a character very similar to him. I think he most definitely could pull it off.

With all of that said, Happy Halloween to you and yours!

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