Sunday, October 30, 2011

TV Report: Weekly Drama Rankings

Baseball wreaked havoc to the schedule this past week for a few drama shows mostly FOX shows, but like the comedies, it should be a full slate of shows next week for November sweeps.

1. Marthas and Caitlins (The Good Wife) - Color me shocked to see this on top of the list, but here it is. Sure there wasn't nearly enough Kalinda, but guest star Dylan Baker was back and really put Alicia through the ringer. Though she had nice backup from Celeste who just keeps getting better and better as a character. It was a bit refreshing for Eli to be workin on a political matter, trying to convince the Democrats (Donna Brazile!) to have Peter speak as keynote during their convention. He's getting closer to finding out about the whole Alicia/Peter/Kalinda drama and I can't wait for that. Finally, we get Alicia interviewing two candidates for a first-year associate job. It enabled us to glean more of the inter-office politics at play (and Alicia's standing) as well as get us a nice Alicia/Will moment in the end.

2. Intrigue (Revenge) - Remember those halcyon days where every episode was Emily outmaneuvering everyone to carry out her weekly revenge plots? They've wisely mixed it up the past couple of episodes focusing instead of the characters. This week we get the fallout of Lydia's fall last week (she's in a coma!) with Nolan/Emily using their recording to wedge the relationship between the Grayson and their trusted head of security. The end with him stalking Emily was quite chilling and hints that not everything will go as swimmingly for Emily as it has been early on. Finally, this whole thing with Tyler is heating up. Still not 100% sure of his intentions, but it's getting clearer that most of it has to do with Daniel. Does he resent his friend's life? Does he secretly love him? Both? Neither? Whichever it is, it's certainly bad news for everyone involved.

3. Slash Fiction (Supernatural) - I seriously thought that after the second episode when Castiel died, I would quickly lose interest in the show, but they've certainly proved me wrong as the whole Leviathan storyline as well as Dean's insurmountable guilt about killing Amy have kept me engaged. Both of those storylines were a huge part of this week's episode. For the latter, they finally figured out how to injure them (cleaning products) and for the former, Sam finally found out the truth. The ending was a bit melodramatic, but I guess it had to happen that way.

4. Demons (Castle) - Don't have much to say about this past week's episode except to say that it was another fun episode albeit with a supernatural twist as they investigate a possibly murder by ghost. All the the ghost stuff enabled Beckett and Castle to really freak out and make fun each other which kept the episode from being too bogged down from the scary. Though looking forward to the next episode, it looks like things are about to get particularly suspenseful and heartbreaking. Not sure I'm ready for that.

5. Masked (The Secret Circle) - I was a bit hesitant when it came to the whole "witch hunter" angle they introduced last week, but they spent a great deal of this week's episode explaining it and I think it could work. If anything, this will give the group a common foe to face perhaps lessening the inter-group drama inherent in teen dramas such as these. Of course Cassie has a dark side in her and is more powerful than the rest, but par for the course!

6. One Coin in a Fountain (Pan Am) - Doesn't feel like this show's momentum has stalled a bit? I think part of it is their insistence these last couple of episodes to sideline Karine Vanisse, frankly their best asset. I still like the show especially when it comes to the whole spy subplot, but I need more than just the spy stuff and Karine to keep me interested.

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  1. Who was it that said Revenge was one gay couple away from perfection? Well...hello ambiguously gay villain. (I still sort of loathe Emily's friend, which is odd considering how much I adore the British...but ah, well.)


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