Monday, October 3, 2011

Netflix's 10 Most Rented Films

Perhaps to get people to stop talking about their recent troubles (free-falling stocks, decreasing memberships, Qwikster announcement), Netflix released a list of their ten most rented films of all time over the weekend (Movie|Line, h/t Nathaniel). Though it's also probably because soon they will stop renting DVDs altogether. *moment of silence*

The top ten are as follows, along with their final domestic box office gross:

1. The Blind Side, $256 million
2. Crash, $54.6 million
3. The Bucket List, $93.5 million
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, $127.5 million
5. The Hurt Locker, $17 million
6. The Departed, $132.4 million
7. Sherlock Holmes, $209 million
8. Inception, $292.6 million
9. Iron Man, $318.4 million
10. No Country for Old Men, $74.3 million

It's a pretty predictable, and yet also oddly surprising, list. Apparently Sandra Bullock + Race Relations = Netflix Gold!

The list has an expected mix of popular films (Blind Side, Benjamin Button, Departed, Sherlock, Inception, Iron Man) and Oscar Best Picture winners (Crash, Hurt Locker, Departed, No Country), but one oddity remains... The Bucket List? Seriously? It's actually the only film on the list that I haven't seen. For my part, the only two films on the list that I've rented were The Hurt Locker and The Blind Side. Didn't have a desire to see them in theaters but once they won their respective Oscars, I felt compelled to see them.

Netflix actually has their Top 100 on their site and it will be missed once they go streaming only. It's funny to think that the film that just missed the list was Date Night at #11. Another Bullock film, The Proposal, is #14 beating out Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire at #15. Meanwhile Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time, comes in at #17. Twilight and The Dark Knight round out the top 30. The oldest film is The Notebook (#22) which came out June 2004 while the highest animated film is Up at #84. Weirdly enough, none of the Harry Potter films made the list. Guess, everyone who wanted to see the films already owns them?

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  1. I quite like The Blind Side but am surprised it's number 1, wow! And The Bucket List?? Heh, maybe a legion of Jack Nicholson's fans rent it back to back, ahah. Interestingly, I've seen 7 out of that list. Might still rent 'Button' but the other two, not interested.


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