Monday, October 24, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Gets 'Stronger'

Kelly Clarkson's new album Stronger comes out today and from the few songs I've heard it's looking like another awesome one from her. I've already pre-ordered the Deluxe edition which I should be getting any day now, but the rest of you can get your hands on it by going to iTunes, Amazon, or Kelly's website. Hell, why not go to an actual store the sells physical CDs... they still have those, right?

Watch her first music video off the new album below for her single "Mr. Know It All." Not a huge fan of the weird color gradient effect on some of the shots and the slow-mo shots of her hair flying in the wind, but it's still pretty solid. My favorite shot is her in the middle with the band in silhouette behind the wall of newspaper clippings.

Most recently she performed the song in London at the X Factor and if you haven't seen that performance, see it now. The lyrics on the screens coupled with the captivating drum accompaniment made it one of my favorite performances from her. Seriously, the drums were just so cool. Oh and she also sang the hell out of the song, of course.

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