Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday Night

Lost Series Finale Countdown: 4 Days

Tuesday was another jam-packed night of TV awesomeness mostly due to the epic episodes delivered by Lost and Glee. But before I get to talking about those two, just want to briefly touch on the other shows I watched.

First, there was American Idol where the road was paved for a Lee Dewyze/Crystal Bowersox finale. Click here to read my thoughts on last night's episode. In The Good Wife, Dylan Baker returns as the diabolical Colin Sweeney and the twists and turns of his case was enough to sing praises for the episode, but we also got to see the start of the Carey/Childs alliance as well as the end of Peter's legal troubles. All of this as Julianna Margulies command every scene she's in.

In V's wonderful finale, Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin continue to shine as Erica and Anna continue their stand-off. While Anna's duaghter Lisa is quickly becoming one of my more favorite character on the show. Her sly smile in reaction to her mother's agonizing cries (human emotion!) was pitch perfect and made that magnificent moment even better. I was saddened to see Joshua die, only to feel relieved when they brought him back. The episode had it all from the birth of the hybrid to Chad finding out the Visitors' real intentions. The images from around the world with the red clouds in the end were a perfect way to end the season.

And thus we get to the epically epic episodes...

Joss Whedon directing and Neil Patrick guest starring *and* singing. With those alone, I was already looking forward to this episode more than any other Glee episodes. And wouldn't you know it but not only did it deliver, but it gave us MORE. I especially enjoyed the focus on Tina/Artie and was caught off-guard at the poignancy of Artie's dream to be a dancer. That dream sequence flash mob scene with Artie leading the entire mall to "Safety Dance" was one of the more amazing numbers put on by this show. Can't forget the big reveal that Shelby is Rachel's mom. I still have issues with this whole Jesse "befriending" Rachel, but neither here nor there. But finally, Neil Patrick Harris was fabulous. I almost want HIMYM to get cancelled and for him to replace Will Shuester.

The penultimate episode of Lost was the perfect setup for what is sure to be a series finale no one will ever forget. Excuse the hyperbole a bit, but this is pretty much the show of the decade for me and it's SO CLOSE to being done. I can't take it! So in this episode, we get Jacob chanting in Latin, Kate actually asking the right questions, Desmond kicking ass and taking names, Jack choosing his fate, Ben alternately being evil and heartbreaking, Miles cracking jokes, Widmore dying, Ana Lucia making an appearance, Rousseau not being crazy, and... I'm out of breath. Only thing missing was Sun/Jin. Moment of silence. As you can see coherent thoughts on this show is just asking too much this close to The End. And The End will be on this Sunday starting at 7pm for a 2-hr recap special followed by the two and a half hour series finale. SO EXCITED!

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