Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday Night

Lost Series Finale Countdown: 2 days

It was all about making choices Thursday night in all of the shows that I watched. In Community, Jeff had to choose between Britta and Slater only to make every fan watching gasp when he kissed Annie in the end. That was the big shocked of the episode, but the episode also contained appearances from most of the recurring characters as well as the usual merriment that persists with these group of friends. Going to miss them through the summer. Meanwhile in 30 Rock, Jack had to finally choose between Avery and Nancy. Unfortunately, he didn't really choose as Avery's pregnancy and Nancy's self-sacrifice pretty much made his choice a no-brainer in the end. Matt Damon's guest star role was a bit overhyped. Is it just me or is this show not as funny anymore?

In Fringe, Peter had to decide whether to go back to our world vs. staying in the alt-universe with his biological parents. While I liked the episode as a whole, I wished Peter did a bit more soul searching with his decision. Yes, his biological father seems to be some mad genius, but what about his biological mother? It was nice to see Olivia finally confess her feelings for Peter. Though alt-Olivia going back to our world while our Olivia is imprisoned by Walternate was a nice twist from the writers and a development that would surely keep fans busy during the long summer months.

The choices pretty much stop in my final Thursday show as it was just chaos, death, and fear in the harrowing two-hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I admit, I've grown increasingly weary of the show and it's been much easier to poke fun at it than praise it, but I've got to given everyone props for this finale. I was breathless and physically distressed throughout as doctors, nurses, everyone was getting shot by a gunmen. After the episode, I felt as if I aged 20 years or so.

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