Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday Night

Yesterday was a bit of an epic day of TV. It started with going to the Paley Center here in New York City to see Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory fame be interviewed. It was my first time doing anything like this so I was a tad excited and also had no expectations. I was thrilled they aired next week's episode of the show, but it really was fantastic seeing Jim Parsons in person. I think the best word to describe him would be adorable.

Some of my favorite parts of the interview was when he...
  • Got a little emotional when talking about bringing his 4yo nephew to Sesame Street
  • Expressed his desire to see Betty White and Lisa Kudrow to guest star as Mee-Maw and a relative of Penny's respectively
  • Admitted to never watching a Star Trek movie and the audience audibly gasping
Apparently afterward he signed a few autographs. Too bad I had already left to get some dinner, but it was still quite an awesome time. When I got home around 11pm, I decided to play catch up on American Idol and Glee. Not much to say about Idol except to say that Lee Dewyze kicked ass and while she faltered a bit musically, Crystal Bowersox is still an effin' star.

In Glee, it was all about cheesy songs, cheesy choreography, and cheesy music videos. Having just one thing cheesy could've ruined this episode, but the fact that they piled on the cheese and then some kind of made this episode really stand out, not to mention the appearance of Olivia Newton John looking as fierce as ever. Sadly, at this point, I had no choice but to sleep even though all I wanted to do was watch some Lost.

Instead I managed to avoid spoilers this morning even though I knew something "bad" happened based on a few tweets on twitter. At lunch, however, I watched the episode and promptly bawled my eyes out as three of my favorite characters EVER on the show seemingly died. Sayid dying wasn't so much a surprise and I was glad he died a hero and not the zombified creature he'd been for most of the season. But to see both Jin and Sun die as well was just too much. With that said, their death scene was as heartbreaking as I imagined it would be. I completely lost it twice, when Jin told Sun he'd never leave her in Korean and when Hurley started crying on the beach. I mean my goodness who didn't cry with the castaways when they were all in the beach? Lapidus also saw his untimely end. "The End" is definitely nigh.

Whew. Bring on Wednesday.


  1. I cannot BELIEVE you and Meg didn't stick around to see if you'd have the chance to meet Jim Parsons. THIS is why I should've been there. I care nothing about him but still would have stalked him just for ya'll.

    I would think you would both know better. What kind of celebrity stalkers are you? ;-)

  2. Oh Ryan, not only was it amazing to see you last night (and we missed the apparent JP autograps too D:), but when I watched Lost this morning, you were the first person I thought of.

    HURLEY ;_____;


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