Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazing Race 16: Final Three

With only the finale to go, we are down to the last three teams on Amazing Race. I realized I haven't blogged about this season at all, but for the most part, I'm happy with how it all shook out with one exception which should be obvious if you've been watching the show. I'll get to that later, but for now here are the three teams racing to win.

Jet & Cord

They are certainly my favorite team and have been since the beginning. They are cordial to each other and to other races and more importantly never get ruffled from setbacks the race had to offer. Of course for them, there were that many setbacks since other than that one leg where they ended up last (and saved), they checked in 4th place of better. In fact they came in first the most of any team this season (4). Unless the other two team luck out big and/or these two have a gigantic mistake, it's easy to see these two come out on top.

Dan & Jordan

My second favorite team took awhile to grow on me. Like the cowboys, they don't really get into inter-team drama. Of course they both fight like brothers, but they also love and support each other like only family can. It's wonderful how well Dan can easily diffuse his more high-strung brother. They've come in first before, using the Fast Forward, and they tend to hover in the middle of the pack. If they hope to win they have to work together better than before and believe they can come in first.

Brent & Caite

Here's the exception to my giddiness over the finale. First, I really do have to give them props for surviving this long and in fact they checked-in first for the first time during the most recent leg. But man I have no idea how they are still here. I'd say luck, but that's probably not giving them enough credit. I guess it's just hard for me to fathom how a team that has displayed utter stupidity and awful teamwork over and over again can be here. The one good thing they did was get rid of Carol/Brandy. I hope hope hope they do not win. Please make it so!

SO in summary I'm hoping a pair of brothers win next Sunday. I don't care which one. They can be wearing cowboy hats or look exactly alike, but as long as one of those two teams win, I'll be happy. If another team wins, well, if would be like such as the Iraq and South Africa and the Asian countries and what was the question again?

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